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Florida Vacation Beaches - Satellite Beach Florida
Florida Vacation Beaches on East Coast
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   Eastern Florida Vacation Beaches
AKA: (Forwards to here)

  Florida Cocoa Beach
(Orlando's closest Ocean beach!)

+ Florida Satellite Beach
(near Melbourne, FL - 10 minutes south of Cocoa Beach)

Day Trips  to "Must See" Attractions with  
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Tips Check - Florida Beach Vacation Tip

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Why Eastern Florida Vacation Beaches?
Specifically - Why Florida East Coast Vacations and nearby great Family Attractions?


Day Trips + Reviews and Tips for Affordable Attractions near Florida Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach

 Check - Florida Beach Vacation TipTips - Best times to Vacation in Florida + when NOT to visit Orlando Attractions. 

Cocoa Beach and the surrounding area including nearby Satellite Beach offer the great combination of: An expansive sand beach that you can walk for miles in either direction -- AND many great nearby Affordable Florida Family Attractions to go with the outstanding Florida Vacation Beaches.

Click for Cocoa Beach, Florida Forecast The Eastern Florida vacation beaches area is an unusually "Attraction Rich" Family Beach area with many close by Places of Interest near either Florida Satellite Beaches or Florida Cocoa Beaches.

In addition, there are many great Day Trips only about an hours drive from Cocoa Beach or Satellite Beach. (See below)

Florida - Cocoa Beach

 Cocoa Beach is an extremely well located beach area just 65 minutesCocoa Beach Florida - Atlantic Ocean - Birds looking for Sand Crabs - Lunch! due east of the of the Orlando Airport on the "Bee Line" Expressway (#528). The fastest "Bee Line" to the beach from Orlando.

Cocoa Beach Florida - Atlantic Ocean - See 8x10 version on our FL Screensaver Pictures Pg

Florida Cocoa Beach is only about 75 minutes from the Orlando Attractions such as Disney World and Sea World.

In addition it is only about 30 minutes from the Cape Kennedy Space Center and adjacent Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge which makes it ideal for a Florida vacation beaches family destination.


Florida - Satellite Beach

Satellite Beach Florida - Great Family Florida vacation beaches area
Satellite Beach, Florida is located about 10 miles + or - south of Cocoa Beach down the Atlantic Ocean Front Hwy - A1A (+ or - Depending which part of long N-S Cocoa Beach you are coming from.) About 8 miles north of Melbourne, FL
  Satellite Beach Florida - Great Family Beach

Florida Satellite Beaches are not as well known as the Cocoa Beach area, so they tend to be a bit less crowded. Satellite Beach tends to "drop off" a bit more quickly than Cocoa Beach where deep water begins but we do not consider that a major factor between the two - you need to watch your kids when they are in the ocean either way.

Tip Check - Florida Beach Vacation TipSatellite Beach (and to slightly lesser extent, Cocoa Beach) happens to be an area where the Giant Sea Turtles frequent from April to September -- especially in late May and June as they travel back to theirGiant Sea Turtle Tracks exactly in front of Condo Balcony -We had stayed up until 2 am watching for one to come up and lay eggs! place of birth to come up on the beach at night and lay their approximately 100 eggs in holes they dig just above the top waterline on the beach. See details below.

Satellite Beach - Giant Sea Turtle "Tracks" directly in front of our Condo Balcony - after one had came up and laid her eggs in early AM (We had stayed up watching until 2 AM!) - large version of this + another "turtle tracks" Photo on our FL Screensavers pg

This Link goes to a page of interesting information about the Giant Sea Turtles with info and some pictures on courtship & mating, nesting and laying eggs, baby turtles emerging from nest, the long distances they migrate, and their Endangered Species status.

This link goes to detailed Info about the seven species of Sea Turtles (Loggerheads are the most common species seen in Florida) with pictures and where they are found with links to nesting sites and travel range maps - click the "Threats & Conservation" link on right to see the natural and human caused threats to their survival.

Do not disturb a Giant Sea Turtle on or coming up on the beach - and especially do not disturb a recent "Nest" of turtle eggs - do not take flash pictures of Sea Turtles at night should you see one, and always turn out outside lights and close the curtains in your beach front Condo at night to keep from scaring away a female who might be coming up to lay her eggs on the beach - there are big fines in Florida relating to most of the above!

The Loggerhead Sea Turtle has about 90% of their nesting activity occurring on Florida beaches. The Giant 300 pound Loggerheads are only about half the size of the Leatherback Turtles however, if you ever are lucky enough to see one of those come up to lay her eggs.

Check Mark - East coast vacation travel links tips Driving Tip to Orlando from Satellite Beach

They have recently improved the Wickham Road connector route from the west end of the #404 Pineda Causeway over to I-95 and then up to the #528 Bee Line to Orlando. This now makes Satellite Beach only about 5-10 minutes farther from the Orlando Attractions than driving from Cocoa Beach.

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To Florida Cocoa Beach Attractions, Info and Tips 

Check - Florida Beach Vacation Tip Best times to Vacation in Florida
                and when NOT
to visit Orlando Attractions.

(Day Trips & Tips below)

Tip Check - Florida Beach Vacation TipIf you can work it out - Ideal time to come to Florida is last half of May and first week of June. Temperatures are perfect - Attractions are all open and gearing up for the crowds - but the crowds haven't arrived yet! (And the Giant Sea Turtles are at peak time of laying eggs on the beach at night!)

If you are not traveling with Children who are in school or an educator yourself, you will find there are many less people on the beaches and at the attractions if you can take your Florida Vacation Beaches Vacation before the second week of June when Families start arriving after schools get out.

In addition, the "Inland" Floridians often take their Beach Vacations right after school is out when the beaches are more deserted. They know the "Northerners" start coming down soon after their schools get out - which seems to usually be a week or two after most midwestern and many southern schools.

  • Florida inland temperatures get a bit higher in July and August plus humidity gets higher inland. Humidity and heat are not much of a problem at the beach since the breeze off of the ocean keeps the temperature a few degrees lower at the beaches and also makes it feel cooler.

Orlando Ave Daily Temperature in Degrees Farenheit
  Orlando Florida Average Monthly High - Low Tempratures 

  • We all probably know by now - (Sept. 26, 2004) - after watching the extensive Hurricane Coverage that September and October are Florida's peak Hurricane Season so you can use your own judgement for those months! Can check out National Weather Service - National Hurricane Center Web Site for Info and predictions.

Tip Check - Florida Beach Vacation TipAvoid going to Orlando Attractions on Saturday and Sunday (and Friday afternoons) if possible to miss "Local" crowds. Seems obvious, but many people forget about the days of the week when they are on vacation and not going to work everyday.

OR - They are having so much fun on the Beach and with the nearby local Attractions that they get to Friday and suddenly remember maybe they ought to go over to check out some Orlando Attractions.

We have found it is much better to plan so as to allow a day to unwind and relax at the beach between days driving over to Orlando to make it easier on the Kids - and the Adults!

Newer link on Virginia Beach Time Shares pg Orlando Timeshare Vacation Promotions - Time share Resort Sales Site using Cheap Orlando Timeshare Promotion Vacations as incentives. Includes some general Orlando Getaway Vacation Packages and Disney Vacation Packages. Sitting through a 90-120 minute Timeshare presentation is often the "price" for a cheap lodging and Attraction tickets package deal.

FL Vacation Beaches Rentals - Reviews - Cocoa Beach & Satellite Beach - Resort and Timeshare Rental Reviews and Tips.

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Our "Top Pick" Florida Vacation Beaches Guide Book
- Great resource!

Includes reviews on Florida vacation beaches + Attraction ratings and rankings by age group. Also money saving Tips.

The Unofficial Guide to Florida

Guide has received high reviews at Amazon

-- Also

Unofficial Guide to Florida with Kids

More Choices on our Top Picks Florida Guide Books & Magazines Page

  Day Trips and Tips Check - Florida Beach Vacation Tip
(- from Cocoa Beach)    

Won't give you a rehash of the Obvious Orlando Attractions such as Disney World and Universal Studios, etc. etc. since you have likely been to several of them already or seen the many advertisements. (Sea World and Epcott are still our favorites!)

Besides, this is a Florida BEACH Vacation - so spend some time relaxing on the beach and take in a few nearby points of interest that still leave you some "Beach time" when you get back from your day at the Attraction!

Tip Check - Florida Beach Vacation TipDo suggest you not miss Sea World however. If you have New Sea World Splash Mountain roller coaster ride end.already gone to Sea World - but not in the last 5-7 years - you will probably enjoy going again to see what's new. You can count on seeing something interesting & fun at Sea World!

Sea World - New Splash Mountain roller coaster ride end. My youngest son and his wife are in this picture - under a few hundred gallons of water in the "Splash!" (Most of the water goes over you Vs on you.)

They have added a lot at Sea World and it is a great educational experience for Kids and Adults alike!

Tip Check Mark - East coast vacation travel links tips  Suggest maximum of three (preferrably only two) trips over to Orlando for a 7 day Florida Cocoa Beaches or Satellite Beach Vacation to have a more "relaxed" time for all. (See St. Augustine FL Day Trip suggestion for Adults traveling without Children below.)

  • Kennedy Space Center is only about 25 minutes north of Cocoa Beach and takes 5-6 hours so not really a "Day" Trip. Info and details are listed on our Cocoa + Satellite Beach Tips and Local Attractions page. - or make it a full "Day" trip by checking out the Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge while you are up there. Details also on Tips page above.

  • Tip Check Mark - East coast vacation tips  Highly recommend taking a "long" Day Trip up to St. Augustine Florida. (Probably better if you don't have the kids, but older kids might enjoy the history and be able to handle the walking and long day.) About 2 1/4 hours north of Cocoa Beach up I-95 - start out early because there is a lot to see once you get there. St Augustine is a very interesting "Top Pick" Florida vacation beaches day trip.

    St. Augustine is a very attractive Historic town with many historical museums and buildings you can see with a self guided walking tour of the Old St. Augustine Villiage. Intresting Historic Castillo De San Marcos National Monument and Fort - a Historic Lighthouse - great Dining - and beautiful Florida Vacation Beaches!
    To St. Augustine Attractions Day Trip Pg.

    Historic Alcazar Hotel - Lightner Museum

Tip Check Mark - East coast vacation travel tips Do NOT miss the Lightner Museum in the huge Historic Alcazar Hotel in St. Augustine! Opens at 9. Do this first - It is in itself worth the drive!

Click to go to a page of "Must Sees," Tips, and Pictures of the Florida St. Augustine Attractions Day Trip.

Please send us any good Florida vacation beaches points of interest or Attractions which you have discovered that are not mentioned here. Or send us your Site Comments and Suggestions on the Form below. Thanks!

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Florida Vacation Beaches Rentals - Reviews - Cocoa Beach & Satellite Beach - Resort and Timeshare Rental Reviews and Tips.

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Sarasota FL Attractions - Top Sarasota FL Attractions including the Ringling Sarasota Circus Museum + two - Our 3 "Must See" Sarasota FL Attractions.

Beach Video - Ocean waves - Florida East Coast Beaches - The sights and Sounds of the Ocean Beach Waves + Space Shuttle Launch Video from on beach at Cocoa Beach, FL -

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Florida St. Augustine Attractions Day Trip - to "Must Sees," Tips, and Pictures .

Cocoa Beach Vacation Resort Rental Reviews + Timeshare Exchange, or Owner/User Experiences and Reviews + "Raves" and "Rants". You also can see the Resort Reviews from others of our Site Viewers.

Newer link on Virginia Beach Time Shares pg Cocoa Beach Florida Hotels Cheap - Find discounts on Cheap Cocoa Beach FL Hotels or Discounted Oceanfront Cocoa Beach Resorts. Sometimes you can find a promotion package that includes Orlando, FL Attraction Tickets!

Best Weekend Getaways & Affordable Romantic Getaways + Cheap Beach and Florida Weekend Vacation Getaways to sunny Florida vacation beaches

Waterfront Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant Top Picks - Several great Oceanfront favorites - "Reviews, Pictures of the views, & Tips.

Waterfront Melbourne Florida Restaurant Top Picks page - great Seafood Restaurant choices - "Reviews" + some pictures & Tips- much enjoyable riverfront and oceanfront dining at sunny Florida vacation beaches

 St Augustine FL Condo Rental Resort Top Picks - Ocean front St Augustine Rental Condos Reviews + Time Share Rental & Exchange Tips - St Augustine is one our Florida vacation Beaches "Must See" recommendations
Why Florida Vacation Beaches? + nearby points of interest and Day Trip List with: Tips and driving times from Cocoa Beach - this Page

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