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Fun & Cheap Beach Vacations at Cocoa Beach, Florida! - can walk for miles on wide sand beach
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Memorable Beach Vacations Travel TipTips, Attractions, & Discounts + Pictures for Fun &
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Need a Vacation?

. . . an Affordable US BEACH Vacation?

Does the sound of running water prompt visions of high tide and pounding ocean waves on a sandy beach? See * below

1st Photo: St Augustine, FL Lighthouse

Second two photos after start slideshow are Virginia Beach + Boardwalk & Bicycle Path and Cocoa Beach in Florida - Pictures from balconies show why my Wife and I think an oceanfront condo is important
- You always have a view of the
ocean and beach + can hear the relaxing sounds of the surf!

Click [ > ] to View a short Beach Photos Slideshow - Sounds of Cocoa Beach Surf + some most Viewed Pictures from this Site.

Large free downloadable photo versions are on our Virginia Beach Pictures Page + several other Photo/Screensaver pages

* If you answer "yes" - or even "maybe" - to either of the above questions, it's time to start moving past the daydreaming stage for your next Affordable Memorable Beach Vacations! (Hopefully at US " cheap " or at least discounted vacation beaches.)

Reasonably Priced (and Fun) US Beach Vacations?

This Web site was born as a result of 30+ years of planning and "shopping" by my Wife and I for great affordably priced ( cheap ) US vacation beaches for our family beach vacations and oceanfront timeshare exchanges -- and even a few Weekend Beach Getaway Vacations and Cheap Timeshare Vacation Promotions!

-- Trips to FUN* beach areas rich with nearby interesting Family and vacation attractions.

(* "Fun" is a very important ingredient of US Beach Vacations!)

Nearby Fun Attractions and Beaches + Tips Beach Vacation Travel Tip

We have "pre-vacation" checked online + driven to and done an "on-site" check of many local beaches and area attractions - some worth the drive, some not. (My Wife takes notes, I take pictures + we keep and make notes on the Attraction brochures!)

Thus we can share some of our Attraction "Reviews" with Driving times from major beach areas, approximate time needed to view attraction, many pictures, and even some discount tips to help extend your vacation dollars -- for fun and cheap vacation beaches on the East Coast and West Coast of the US.

Save Planning Time and Vacation Dollars?

My Wife and I obviously wish looking back that we had known what we do now about planning and saving money on Family Beach Vacations. This free US Vacation "Guide" Site is to help You save Vacation planning time and hard earned Beach Vacation money.

-- So you can profit from our 30 years of US Beach Vacations experiences -- and sometimes expensive mistakes.

We have tried to make this Web site an easy to use "Picture Enhanced" free "Online Guide" to help you save time, money, and have maximum FUN on your next trip to Florida, Oregon, or Virginia Vacation beaches.

Reasonably Priced Florida & Virginia Vacation Attractions

We've even discovered some great reasonably priced (aka. cheap) Florida and Virginia vacation beaches possibilities to FUN beach areas rich with nearby fun and interesting attractions. Included with Pictures and "Reviews" so you can see what is really available in the area -- the "Must See" nearby places of interest
-- at " cheap " vacation beaches prices.

My wife and I have been traveling to eastern US vacation beaches for now over 30 years. Up until a few years ago, we also traveled with our two kids (along with our Kids Travel Game & Activities Top Picks) Mostly trips to Virginia and Florida with some occasional vacations to Coastal Oregon.

Affordable Ocean Front Condo Rentals?

We even have some reviewed reasonably priced Oceanfront Florida Cocoa Beach Condo Rentals and Virginia Beach OceanFront Rentals - and have a few Resort Timeshare Exchanging and Rental Tips with pictures, rental price & Info links. Also some affordable vacation Time share rental options and even some Tips on " Free " Time Share Vacations and Timeshare Vacation Promotions with some really cheap mini-Vacation Getaway Discounts & Deals.

Time Share Resort Vacations - Exchanging, Rentals & Resales + Tips Beach Vacation Travel Tip

My Wife and I purchased four beach front Florida Time Share Vacation Resort weeks about 30 years ago, and our Family or my Wife and I have used them at the two Home Resorts or exchanged them to other beach vacation time share resorts fairly consistantly over the years. As a result, we have learned a lot - (sometimes the "expensive" hard way) - about the "process" of purchasing, exchanging, renting, and even trying to do Resales or Rentals of time shares by Owner which we have shared here - so you can benefit from our variety of Timeshare Vacation Exchange, Owner, & Vacation Rental experiences -- and mistakes.

We have even done the research to get very close to buying a heavily discounted resale time share by owner week + have some experiences renting other resort time shares and renting out our own Interval International (II) and RCI vacation time share condo weeks.

These are discussed with some Tips on our Florida / Virginia Beach Time Share "Basics" page and our Vacation Time Share Exchanging Info & Tips Beach Vacation Travel Tip page.

- Also a new Resale Time Shares by Owner Discounts page and a Free Time Share Vacations - Getaways page

Memorable Beach Vacations Pictures - Screensavers?

Cocoa Beach Sunrise over Atlantic Ocean from Condo Balcony - Memorable Beach Vacations home pg
Florida Cocoa Beach - Atlantic Ocean
larger printable version on our Florida Vacation Beaches Picture page

Sometimes we got a few good family beach vacation pictures along the way - see some of our free downloadable scenic photo page additions - with Captions - on our Florida Cocoa Beach Screensavers page. One of nine screensaver - wallpaper - printable picture pages. "Tips to help you Plan & Save + Pictures to help you Dream"

Now we even have over 100 High Resolution Photo Previews for large size printable and/or commercially usable Picture Downloads.

Historic St Augustine Florida Lighthouse - 14 stories of steps to the top!
To St Augustine Lighthouse
+ other St Augustine Florida Beach & Attraction Photos

Historic Lighthouses

Gene and his Wife both enjoy historic Lighthouses, and frequently will drive miles out of their way just to tour and take photos of a interesting beach lighthouse -- and to make the long climb to the top for the great view!

Thus you will find quite a few Beach Lighthouse pictures on this Web Site. The St Augustine Lighthouse Photo is one of the most popular Screensaver Picture downloads from this Site. (And also in the High Resolution Version!) You can see some additional Historic Lighthouses on our Oregon, Florida, & Virginia Light Houses page.

Rocky Oregon Coast
Rocky Oregon Coast - near Newport - larger version on our Oregon Vacation Beaches Picture Album

We also have some of our favorite beach and sunset pictures - with Captions - on our Oregon Vacation Beaches Screensavers page - also one of our most popular downloadable screensaver and wallpaper printable vacation pictures pages - with High Resoultion Photo previews from all 4 of our US Vacation Guide Web Sites most popular pictures.

USA Vs Foreign Vacation Beaches? - $$ -

-- Not distant travel to remote and expensive beaches on some distant Island. ( - Nothing against any "Foreign" Island vacations, but the money saved by taking affordably priced and fun family beach vacations in the USA can help get your kids through college!)

We have usually traveled to affordable US Atlantic Ocean beaches destinations with plenty of surf and waves, sand beach and ocean FUN.

-- PLUS a lot of nearby places of interest and attractions to entertain the entire family and people watching travel budgets.

Family Vacation Beaches Travel Discounts?

We've done our share of shopping online and otherwise for Attraction discounts and discounted travels specials. In recent years we've even checked out special over Age 50 discount travels Tips as we are now members of that growing "Seasoned Citizen" vacation crowd.

We will share those findings throughout this Web site with a generous supply
of Check Mark - Virginia discount travels vacation beaches TipTips we have discovered over the years.

Enough! You get the idea -- now to what you came here for in the first place -- good Eastern Florida Vacation Beaches, Coastal Oregon Vacation Beaches, or Southeast Virginia Vacation Beaches Online planning Information with "Reviews," Discounts, Pictures, and Tips! - Your Affordable US Beach Vacations Online Guide.

Or check out What's New at US Vacation Beaches on our new Site mini-blog - RSS Feed page
- all about what's new on US Beach Vacations -- Quick and with no e-mails needed on your RSS Reader or Yahoo, MSN, or Google personal Home page. See current RSS Feed sample and how to easily get your own on this mini-Blog sample page - or just click one of the RSS Feed "Mini-Blog" links at top left - Simple & Convenient - No E-mails needed!

Our US Vacation Beaches Web Site page listing with descriptions is below.

A partial list of what You can find Online here Now
to help plan your next Affordable US Beach Vacations

Eastern Florida - Coastal Oregon - Virginia Beach & SE Virginia

Memorable Beach Vacations Travel TipTip - Use <Ctrl><+> keys on keyboard to make the Text Larger and <Ctrl><-> for Smaller Text on most newer IE & FireFox browsers

If you would like to check out our US Beach Vacations Online Guide with pictures of Great Vacation Beaches and nearby attractions -- including "Reviews," Tips, discounts, and time saving suggestions plus tested and annotated free information links -- below are our three Top suggestions!

Florida Beaches & Attractions:

Why Florida Vacation Beaches? - Florida East Coast Vacation Beaches including Cocoa Beach Day Trips +

Daytona Beach Attractions -- Top "Must See" Daytona Beach FL Attractions - Daytona Beach and nearby points of interest and Attractions + Tips and "Reviews"

To Florida Cocoa Beaches + Florida Satellite Beaches - nearby points of interest and Attractions List + Tips and Reviews

Share your own Cocoa Beach Area Favorite Attraction Comments, "Rave," or "Review" on this Favorite Cocoa Beach Attraction Review Page.

See the Attraction "Raves and "Reviews" Other Site Viewers have shared.

Florida St. Augustine Attractions Day Trip from Cocoa Beach - "Must Sees," Tips, and Pictures

Florida Vacation Beach Rentals Page - Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach Resort and Ocean front Timeshare Rental Reviews and Beach Vacation Travel Tip
Tips + some great vacation time share rental options.

Share your Cocoa Beach Vacation Resort Rental, Timeshare Exchange, or Owner/User Experiences on our Cocoa Beach and nearby areas Resort User Raves, Rants, & Reviews page. You also can see the Resort Reviews from others of our Site Viewers.

Cocoa Beach Vacation Resort Rental Reviews + Timeshare Exchange, or Owner/User Experiences and Reviews + "Raves" and "Rants". You also can see the Resort Reviews from others of our Site Viewers.

East Coast Florida Hotel List + Descriptions, Rates, Pictures, & Ratings for short term stays -- Cocoa Beach - Satellite Beach - Melbourne, Cape Canaveral - St Augustine, FL

Waterfront Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant Top Picks - Several great Oceanfront favorites - "Reviews, Pictures of the views, & Tips.

Favorite Waterfront Cocoa Beach Area Restaurant Dining Reviews - Our Site Viewer "Raves" and "Reviews" + Pictures

Favorite Florida Cocoa Beach Area Attraction Comments, "Raves," or "Reviews"

Waterfront Melbourne Florida Restaurant Top Picks page - Some great Melbourne Florida Seafood + other Restaurant choices - near Satellite Beach, FL

Waterfront Melbourne Area Restaurant User Dining Reviews - "Raves" and Comments + Photos by our Site Visitors

St. Augustine FL Beaches Guide - St Augustine FL Beach Info, Locations, Maps, Regulations (Vehicles on Beach?), Facilities, & Pictures

St Augustine FL Condo Rental Resort Top Picks - Ocean front St Augustine Rental Condos Reviews + Time Share Rental & Exchange Tips

St Augustine Campground & RV Park Guide - Info - Maps - Amenities

Beach Video - Ocean Waves + Birds on Beach + Space Shuttle Launch - Florida - The sights and sounds of the Ocean Beach Waves + Birds looking for food on the beach in the waves + Space Shuttle Launch Video from on the Beach at Cocoa Beach, FL

Attraction and Travel Discounts + Air Fare Discount Comparisons

  • "You can be young without Money, but you can't be old without it." Tennessee Williams

$ Attraction Discounts and Tips for Discounted Travels - Includes Car Rentals + others - Discounts for ALL ages! " Cheap " Vacation Beaches

$ Virginia / Florida Attraction & Discount Travels Tips for the Age 50+ Crowd - Includes Car Rental Discounts + others. "Over 50ers" and the "Seasoned Citizen" Set often can get some special discounts we talk about here!
Sample Beach Vacation Travel Tip
Tip: Age 62 or Older & a US Citizen?("a Seasoned Senior") - Buy an America the Beautiful - National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass - Senior Pass. Only $10 for a lifetime pass! (This is the former Golden Age Passport Senior Pass which is still honored) -- 50% discount for you and your spouse & children (or Grandkids!) or accompanying passengers in your car (if a vehicle gate admission) -- for all Federal Areas. More details + a Info link on our Discount Travels page.

Airline reservation discounts - Our Site's Top Pick Online Airline Flights Discounts Merchants and Auto Rentals Discounts - Online Travel Site Discounts

Newer link Cheap Beach Vacations - Cheap Florida Beach, Orlando & Virginia Beach Vacations + Cheap US Getaway Vacation Packages & Discounted Cruise Vacations - on another page

Time shares and Exchanging Tips + Time Share Ownership Cost Vs Rentals Comparison & Cheap Time share mini-Vacation Getaway Promotions

Florida / Virginia Beach Time Shares Guide (+ All exchange areas) - Types of Timeshares + Pros & Cons: Fixed Vs Floating - Deeded Vs Leased - Vacation Clubs + II & RCI Time Share Exchanging Tips

Time Share Exchanging Vs Rental Costs - Do Timeshares Really Save you Money on Vacations? With Vacation Resort Time Shares Rental cost comparison analysis + Tips on RCI & II Time Share Exchanges

Resale Time Shares by Owner + Rentals - How to purchase Resale Vacation Resort Time Shares at BIG discounts + How to find for By Owner Time Shares for sale & Time Share Vacation Week Rental Discounts

Cheap or almost " Free " Time Share Vacations - Mini-Vacation Getaways with Time Share Tours & Presentations. + What to expect and where to find the Top Getaway deals.

Timeshare Vacation Promotions - Several Affordable Vacation Getaway Discounts & Deals grouped by Destination states - some cheap mini-vacation Promotional Getaways/

Newer link on Memorable Beach Vacations pg Best Weekend Getaways & Affordable Romantic Getaways + Cheap Beach and Florida Weekend Vacation Getaways.

Southeast Virginia Beaches and Attractions

Why Virginia vacation beaches? + Virginia Beach attraction Reviews & "Must See" list - Pictures, Information Links, & Tips

OTHER Virginia Vacation Beaches - Other than "the" Virginia Beach - in the local Virginia Beach area. Many scenic and interesting often "hidden" beach areas in and near Virginia Beach!

Virginia Beach, Boardwalk, and local area Attractions Virginia Beach picture album + Reviews and Tips - Includes Cape Henry Lighthouse Pictures.

Day Trips from Virginia Beach Attractions - Pictures + Nearby Virginia vacation beach Attraction "Reviews" and Tips. Newport News, Yorktown Battlefields, and Historical Jamestown Colony Areas.

Colonial Williamsburg Day Trips + Pictures, "Reviews" and Tips. Includes Governors Palace, Blacksmith shop, & more + nearby Historical College of William & Mary.

Virginia Beach Rentals - "South End" Ocean front Top Picks - Resort Condo Reviews with Pictures & Info Links - Resorts South of Virginia Beach Pier nearer the Inlet.

Oceanfront Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals page - Top Pick Resorts North of the Virginia Beach Pier nearer the new "North End" Ocean Beach Club Resort complex

Virginia Beach Time Share Rental Reviews, Comments, and Tips. Virginia Beach Vacation Time Share User Reviews, "Raves" and "Rants"

Affordable Virginia Weekend Getaways - Discounted Weekend Getaways in Virginia + Virginia Romantic Getaways & Virginia Beach Romantic Getaway Resort Packages.

Condo Rental & Vacation Timeshare ExchangeMemorable Beach Vacations travel TipTips

Virginia Beach Camping and Virginia Beach RV Parks - Amenities, "Reviews" and Top Picks

VA Beach Campgrounds & RV Parks User Comments & "Reviews" Page - send us your Virginia Beach Camping User "Raves, Rants, & Reviews"

SE Virginia Hotel List + Descriptions, Rates, Amenities, Ranking, Availability, Reservations, & Pictures - Includes Virginia Beach, Newport News, and Williamsburg, VA

SE Virginia Vacation Beaches - Includes SE Virginia vacation beaches and Getaway Vacation Destinations in areas of: Chesapeake Bay, Newport News, Hampton, Cape Charles, Yorktown, Smithfield, and Jamestown. Some great family vacation beaches in the area!

Blue Ridge Parkway Vacation - Photos & Tips - "Add on" 2 - 3 days to a Virginia Beach Vacation - Photos & Memorable Beach Vacations travel TipTips

Fall Blue Ridge Parkway Vacation - Fall Photos and Tips - "Must See" driving tour on the very colorful Fall Blue Ridge Parkway - a Fall Getaway Vacation or "Add on Days" to a Virginia Beach Vacation.

Oregon Coast Beaches, Lighthouses, and Attractions

Why Oregon Vacation Beaches? - Coastal Oregon Vacation Beaches + Florence area Day Trip List with Tips and driving times from Florence Central Oregon Coast location.

To Newport Oregon Beaches and Attractions + Lighthouses Day Trip - Pictures & Tips.

Oceanfront Oregon Coast Beach Rentals - Reviews - Oceanfront Time Share Oregon Beach Rentals, Oregon Coast Condos, & Oregon Beach Front Rentals - Resorts with direct beach access - Reviews and Tips

Map of Oregon Coast & Attractions + Lighthouses - Interactive Printable Oregon Coast Maps & Links

Oregon Fall Foliage Maps - Tested Oregon Fall Foliage Map and Foliage Color Report Links -- Peak Fall Foliage Color Maps

Coos Bay Attractions & Lighthouses - Day trip South to Reedsport, Coos Bay, and Bandon, Oregon areas + Seal Rock Viewing area

Newer Link on a Oregon Coast Maps page Scenic Day Trip East fom Florence OR up over McKenzie Pass and old Volcanic area on way to Sisters Oregon and a Quilt Shop my Wife had read about.

To Oregon Vacation Beaches Screensavers - free 8 x 10 printable Oregon pictures & Wallpaper

Oregon Beach Sunset Pictures - Oregon Beach Sunset Wallpapers + Downloadable Wallpapers & Screensaver Pictures

Oregon Light Houses + Florida St Augustine Lighthouses and Virginia Lighthouses - Info and Downloadable Pictures

Travel Resource Links - Kids Travel Activities & Games - Online Merchants Reviews - Travel Electronics including GPS, Travel DVD Players & Digital Cameras + Kids Educational Electronics & Travel Magazines + Vacation Photography Tips

Kids Travel Game & Kid Travel Activities Top Picks page + Educational Game & Activity Top Picks

Vacation & Travel Discounts Magazines - Wide selection at good discounts

Newer link on Virginia Beach Time Shares pg Online Travel Electronics Store + Kids Travel & Educational Electronics - Discounts + User Item Ratings & Reviews

Top Pick Online Merchants listing - Categorized by product type with links - discounts & deals

Newer link on Virginia Beach Time Shares pg Travel Electronics Top Picks: GPS + Satellite Radio + Travel DVD Players

General Vacation Travel Resources Sites + Travel Discount Sites - Selected Vacation Travels Sites - Travel Discount Comparison Sites.

Family & Kids Movie DVD Discounts + Kids Music DVD Discounts & Music CD's - Reviews and Deals - Top Picks Pg

Vacation Photography Enthusiasts -- See our New page with 5 "Non-Technical" Digital Scenic Vacation & Landscape Photography Tips
- 5 Basic Tips we have learned on How to Take Good Photos on Vacations + Travel & Vacation Photography Tips.

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