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Old Florida Grill & Oyster House - food poor - service good

by Seymour

There were only diners sitting at 3 tables in our section when we ordered, but the server came back and suggested we order appetizers as "the meal is going to take quite some time as there are lots of orders ahead of ours."

We had walked through the other sections on our way in and noted there were no people at all seated on the water, due to an impending storm. There were a few people seated at the bar and the 3 tables in our section. We elected not to order appetizers and to "wait it out" for our meals.

The waitress was pleasant and tried to please us. Another couple was seated nearby at the bar and seemed distressed over their meal. Two people at our table had ordered "medium" filet mignon (to ensure it was not overcooked) along with 1/2 lb snow crab. The people at the bar ordered the same. Our chicken fingers and scallops were fine, but the filet mignon was charcoal or cardboard consistency when presented at the table. The crab was cold, the butter was cold.

The diners at the next table said their entire meals were stone cold and complained to the server, who brought their meals back to the cook. They were given a total of 4 crab claws and told it "was a whole pound." One of our diners received 4 crab claws; the second diner received 8 crab claws. Each was supposed to receive 1/2 pound.

The server asked how our meals were and didn't know how to handle the overcooked steaks and insufficient cold crab claws. We were given a slice of key lime pie to make up for it and charged $61.38 for the meal. Never again.

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Jul 23, 2009
Good food & Poor Service

I disagree with this review. I had the opposite experience. The food could have been better - but it was not the food. We ordered sandwiches and they were fabulous. However the service was poor. And for a place with 3 bars in one location the beer selection was pretty sorry. 3 beers on tap? Are you kidding me? With a bar that size you can get a fantastic selection of at least 20 beers on tap if you wanted.

FIRST. This place is gorgeous. A diamond in the rough. I was amazed. It was beautiful! Even more amazing NOBODY was there. What's going on? This is the PERFECT restaurant. Why ISNT it packed? Well let me tell you something; as someone with business sense it's clear to me the owners are asleep at the wheel and lack the management skills needed to turn this places into what it COULD BE. Instead they just let it sit.

SECOND. The main draw is the river and the docks. Being able to sit outside, listen to a reggae band, be waited on and watch the sunset. However the lazy staff REFUSED to seat us out there claiming that "we have to walk all the way out there (30 seconds of walking) and it's just not worth it for us". Are you kidding me? You ARE an employee are you not? I mean from the customers perspective you have just nullified the main attraction. Instead they said "we can give you the meal yourself to go and you can sit out there if you want but nobody will wait on you sorry!". We all wanted to sit out there so bad we ate take out!

I even offered the waitress (who was very nice except for her apparent laziness) extra money and said quote "I will give you $20.00 tip extra in addition to 15% to seat us out there". To my astonishment she refused. Waitress in this location make what? $5.00 an hour + tips? There were 6 of us. The bill came out to $130.00. At 15% that’s $19.50 + $20.00 + $39.50. Almost $40.00 for the waitress just for 30 seconds of walking. Talk about lazy!

Give me control of this place and I will turn it into a profit center where people will drive 30-40 minutes out of the way to visit. Are you kidding me? You have the PERFECT location! Clearly the ownership and management are sitting on a golden goose and don't have a clue on what to do. Get it together owners. It’s clear to me you are FLAT OUT LAZY.

Sep 18, 2008
Good Service and Good Food
by: Ray

We recently (July 2008) ate at the Old Florida Grill & Oyster house and had great service and also good food.
Guess it just depends on who happens to be serving and cooking that evening!

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