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Coastal Oregon Light House Picture - Heceta Head Lighthouse 
Heceta Head Lighthouse
Coastal Oregon Light Houses
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+  An unusually marked Florida Lighthouse  and 
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Some now use these Pictures of Oregon Light Houses for cell phone screensavers

This page has several free Oregon Light Houses Wallpapers, Screensavers, and printable Coastal Light House Photos selected from the many on this Web Site. You are welcome to use these copyrighted pictures as long as the domain name text remains visibly displayed unaltered on the Image as it is on the pictures below.

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Large High Resolution Pictures! To view some popular high resolution large 1 - 4 Meg Images from this Site + our other 3 Vacation Web Sites -- see our Thumbnail images free preview box below the Oregon Light Houses pictures.

Also - some of 8 Picture / Screensaver pages on this Site:

Oregon Coast Beach Sunset Pictures + Wallpapers & Screensaver Pictures -
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Florida Cocoa Beaches Wallpapers & Screensaver Pictures + Beach Sunset Pictures

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Click to skip directly down to the Light House Pictures

The pictures are set up to easily download into your Windows Desktop or Screensaver by the following steps.

Note: The file name on the pictures on this page is a "Mini-Picture-Descriiption" so you should not have to change the file name in the bottom box to be able to identify the picture.

If you see other pictures on this web site that you would like to see as downloadable 6 x 8's here, please let me know on our
Your Top Picks" & Comments Page.

Have fun! If you have a few great pictures of Oregon Light Houses from a Memorable Coastal Oregon Beaches vacation, send us a note on our "Your Top Picks & Comments" page. Check that you have pictures and instructions on how and where to e-mail them to us will be e-mailed to you automatically. Thanks! Gene

 All approx 5 x 7 Light House Pictures below are approximately 50K files and should download & save to your computer for a screensaver or walllpaper almost instantly - IF this web page and images have finished loading in your web browser.

Coastal Oregon Light Houses
- History & Pictures

- Wallpapers & Screensavers Picture Album
(Oregon Lighthouses listed from North to South on Coast)

These Coastal Oregon Light houses pictures are free to download and print or use as Wallpaper or Screensavers as long as the or Domain Name text remains visibly displayed unaltered and readable on the Image. Resale of these images or pictures in any form is a violation of our copyright.

Newer link See the lavender color Thumbnail Photo Box under the large pictures below if you are interested in any downloadable and printable high resolution 1 to 4+ Meg .jpg large image file versions of some of the Pictures of Oregon Light Houses below and over 90 others of the favorite Photos on this site and our other 3 US Vacation Guide Sites - see GoUSVacations Link below.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse - north of Newport Oregon

Yaquina Head Lighthouse - 3 miles north of Newport Oregon. 

 Built in 1872 and first lit in 1873 - 93 foot tower is tallest on Oregon Coast- now fully automated - first order Fresnel lens (see picture & Info below)

Took over 370,000 bricks to construct Light House - 114 steps to top. Light is 162 feet above sea level and can be seen up to 19 miles away at sea. Nearby Tidal pools, hiking trails, rocky beach, and Interpretive Center.

There is a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and Oregon coast line from the viewing area at the base of the Yaquina Head lighthouse. You might even see a passing whale! Don't miss Yaquina Head on your tour of Coastal Oregon Light Houses.

To National Park Service Facts page on Yaquina Head Lighthouse 

A version of this Oregon Yaquina Head Light house picture is on another Oregon Coast Vacation Pictures Site by permission

Preview & download large 2.28 Meg high resolution printable or commercially usable version of this picture & other popular Site Photos at the "Thumbnail" picture box below

1st order Fresnel Lens - Oregon Lighthouse

First Order Fresnel Lens installed in above Yaquina Head Lighthouse - weighs almost 2000 pounds.

Eight foot tall & six foot wide. Built in France in 1868 and installed in Yaquina Head Oregon Lighthouse in 1872.

258 individual lens prism pieces held together in metal frame focus light beam so can be seen
up to 19 miles out at see.

Now Automated 1,000 watt lighthouse light bulb Vs old oil burning wicks - Bulbs are designed to last about 1 year - when bulb burns out, mechanism automatically rotates new bulb into position and radios message to Oregon Parks Commission to come put in new back up bulb. Most Oregon Light Houses now use this bulb mechanism set up.

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What'sNewer link for Oregon Vacation Beaches Pg at Memorable-Beach-

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse - Newport OR
Yaquina Bay Lighthouse - Newport, Oregon

Near north end of Yaquina Bay bridge - second oldest of Oregon Light houses on Oregon Coast - put in service in 1871 - replaced by Yaquina Head Light House above in 1873 - Decommissioned in 1874 after being only used for 3 years - re-lit as an automated light in 1996. To National Park Service Info page on Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.

Only one of the Oregon lighthouses with the living quarters attached still standing.

- More Newport Light houses Info + Tips on our Scenic Drive up to Newport Oregon Beaches & Oregon Lighthouses Page.

Heceta Head Lighthouse - near Florence OR

Heceta Head Lighthouse - North of Florence, Oregon just off of Coastal 101 Hwy

205 feet above Pacific Ocean - great views.  Fifty-six foot tower first illuminated in 1894.  

Automated beacon now can be seen 21 miles from land - strongest light of all Coastal Oregon lighthouses.

Can see both ends of Hwy 101 Cape Creek Tunnel from Light house viewing area.

Living quarters is several hundred feet back down the trail - now used as a Oregon Bed & Breakfast

To NPS Facts page on Heceta Head Lighthouse

- Took many pictures of Oregon Light Houses and nearby beaches on this day trip up to Newport from Florence, OR.

Coquille River Lighthouse - Oregon Light House
Coquille River Lighthouse - near Bandon, Oregon - 1896

Unique Octagan shape - 40 foot tower - Now a Solar Powered low range Light
(Copy of slightly different version of this Oregon Light houses album picture is also on our Oregon Coast Pictures Page)

More on Central Oregon Coast Area at our Oregon Coast Vacation Beaches, Light houses, & Attractions Page

To National Park Service Fact page on Coquille River Lighthouse

Preview & download high resolution printable version of this Oregon Lighthouse picture & over 95 other Site Photos at the "Thumbnail" picture box below

Umpqua River Lighthouse - Reedsport Oregon

Umpqua River Oregon Lighthouse - South of Reedsport, OR

The first Umpqua River Light house light was put into service in 1857. Weather destroyed it in six years.

The second Oregon light house at Umpqua River was built further back from Pacific Ocean in 1894 and is still standing.

To NPS Info page on Umpqua River Lighthouse

+  An unusually marked Historic Lighthouse  and  a Historic Lighthouse pair
- Both Interesting Historic Light houses, but neither are Coastal Oregon Light Houses

Old & New Cape Henry Lighthouses - Virginia Beach
Old Cape Henry Lighthouse (on right) - Constructed in 1791 at North end of Virginia Beach on
Fort Story Military Reservation.  "New" 1881 replacement lighthouse on left. 

It is approximately 170 steps from behind the Cape Henry Lighthouse gift shop up to base of original "Old" Light house with views of Chesapeak Bay and nearby shipyards. Another 189 steps up spiral metal staircase to the top of the Old Cape Henry Light house.

President George Washington approved the original Cape Henry lighthouse construction. The final cost for construction of the original lighthouse plus a two story residence for the keeper and for safe storage of the whale oil to be used for the light was $17,700.

Replacement light house is only a couple of blocks away from original Cape Henry Light House. It has now been replaced by an electronic signal automated navigation tower located to left (East) of "New" 1881 Cape Henry Lighthouse above.

More on Virginia Beach, VA Area + Tips at our Virginia Beach - "Must See's" and Day Trips page.

To APVA Info pages with pictures of Old Cape Henry Lighthouse

Historic St Augustine Florida Lighthouse

Historic Florida St. Augustine Lighthouse. 165 feet tall. Interesting spiral "Barber Pole" marking. This "new" replacement brick lighthouse was first lit in 1874.

The original wooden Spanish "Watchtower" had been built nearby in 1565. The coquina stone Watchtower, guardhouse, and and surrounding wall replaced it in 1683 and the "new" brick Light House in 1874.

It is a
219 step climb to the top of the lighthouse for spectacular views of St. Augustine and its beaches. See picture of metal spiral stairs below. The St Augustine light house open observation deck is about fourteen stories high. The Lighthouse contains an estimated 1.2 million bricks.

The light has a first order 9.5 feet tall Fresnel lens that contains 370 hand cut prisims in a metal frame. Light keepers used to have the duty every 3 hours of hand "winding" a clock and weight system that rotated the lens as well as carrying whale oil (Later changed to kerosene) up to the light flame.

To more on Florida St. Augustine Attractions Day Trips - "Must Sees," Tips, and Pictures  - including "Must See" Lightner Museum and Historic Alcazar Resort Hotel.

Preview a high resolution printable version of this Historic Lighthouse picture at this TravelPhotosUSA High Res Lighthouse Photo Download Preview page with photo download Info.
  -- Several US Coastal Lighthouse Pictures + other
popular selected Scenic US Travel and Vacation Go US Vacations Site Photos at this High Resolution Photos Download Site Gallery -

Preview & download High Resolution printable version of this picture & over 35 popular others at the "Thumbnail" picture box below

Eastern Florida Lighthouses - Pictures, Facts, & History + Links to Framed Lighthouse Prints at discounts

The above Coastal Oregon Light Houses and other pictures are free to download and print or use as Wallpaper or Screensavers as long as the or Domain Name watermark text remains visibly displayed unaltered and readable on the Image.
Resale of these images or pictures in any form is a violation of our copyright.

We are adding pictures, reviews, and tips almost daily somewhere on this site. We are doing our best to ultimately make this site one of your most Interesting, Fun, and "Picture Enhanced" Florida/Oregon/Virginia Family vacation beach Information Sources. We appreciate your suggestions or comments on our Comments, Suggestions, & Favorites Page

Thanks for checking us out!  Enjoy the Pictures!   Gene Seecann

Why Oregon Vacation Beaches? + nearby points of interest and Day Trip List with Tips and driving instructions from Florence
To Newport Oregon Beaches and Attractions Day Trip + Lighthouses, Pictures & Tips.

Newer Link on a Oregon Coast Maps page Day Trip East fom Florence through Eugene and then up over McKenzie Pass and old Volcanic area on way to Sisters Oregon

 Oceanfront Oregon Coast Beach Rentals - Reviews - Oceanfront Time Share Oregon Beach Rentals, Oregon Coast Condos, & Oregon Beach Front Rentals - Resorts with direct beach access - Reviews and Tips
Oregon Beach Vacation Rental Resort Reviews - Ocean View Resorts + Resorts with views of a Bay or Harbor, but with off site ocean beach access - usually within 2 miles - usually slightly discounted rates Vs Oceanfront. + Oregon Coast Time Shares - Rental Reviews and Tips


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(See GoUSVacations link at bottom of this box if you want to check those sites out) - High Resolution, Non-Watermarked Photos available for download.

To High Resolution Photo Previews - (opens new window)
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You can Preview Large size, High Resolution, Downloadable and Printable / Frameable or Commercially Usable 1 to 4 Meg .jpg file versions of of the special Favorite Photos from all 4 of our "Picture Enhanced" US Vacation Sites. Previews and Complimentary downloads are free. Check them out and you will find that the Royalty-Free High Resolution Photo Download purchase prices are very reasonable. Watch for more Pictures to be added. - Perfect for screensavers or computer wallpaper.

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Newer link Lighthouses + Beach Sunsets & Sunrises Album - Some of the same High Resolution Photos as above available as Prints Vs Downloads.

 Tip Beach Vacation Travel Tip  Our GoUSVacations Page has descriptions, page listings, and links to all 4 of our "picture enhanced" US Vacation Web Guide Sites + their Photo pages.

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