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Resale Time Shares By Owner
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Tips To make a reservation - Virginia Vacation Beaches Info From two 30+ year Timeshare Owners & Exchangers 

Vacation Resort Time Shares - Resales + Rentals
Can Save you BIG dollars on Vacations!!! 

Where do you find the deals? - Our Top Tips To make a reservation - Virginia Vacation Beaches Info
+ What to watch out for! 
&  the Owners "Suitability" Test 

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Resale Timeshare By Owner Discounts
Some REALLY good Resort Vacation Deals!
(Rental Deals & Tips below)

Our 4 Point Time Shares By Owner "Suitability" Test:

  1. If you are the type who likes to only unpack and re-pack once on your vacation, Vs staying in a different Motel or hotel almost every night of your vacation

  2. - AND - you like the idea of staying in the same very nice vacation condo apartment for a week of your vacation and checking out the local area and doing day trips to area attractions

  3. - AND - you like the idea of going back to a familar favorite vacation area and really checking out all of the Attractions and points of interest (and possibly the ocean beach!) in the area more than once. (As well as having the option of exchanging to other vacation time share Resorts in other areas.) 
  4. - AND - (VERY Important!) - you consistantly take at least one 7-day or longer vacation almost every year and will continue to do so.

    - If you can say Yes to all 4 points above, then Resale Time Shares by Owner discounts may be something you should look into.  (From the perspective of a Couple who have been using and exchanging timeshares for over 30 years.)

By owning a Vacation Time Share Resort week You have the security of knowing you always have a Vacation week available at a very nice Vacation Resort Condo - that you have hopefully picked out because it is in an area you enjoy travelling to.

Tip 1 Tip Always buy at a Time Share Resort and in an area that YOU would like to repeatedly Vacation to -- not because the Salesperson or the time shares by owner Seller says the Resort is good "exchange material."

This Vacation Resort Condo week is waiting for you to use and enjoy each year -- at a certain week during the calendar year if it is a fixed week -- or, at a general time which you can call and request a specific week from from if you have a floating week time share.

Tip 2 Tip The ongoing financial part of the Time Share many people do not consider at the beginning when they purchase, (and that the Resort Sales person or Time Shares By Owner Seller will probably not emphasize) is that the Time Share Condo maintenance fees are due EVERY year - regardless - as are the Time Share Exchange Network membership fees to belong to Resort Condomoniums International (RCI) or Interval International (II) to be able to do exchanges to other resorts in their network.
  (Note: We would recommend purchasing at a Time Share Resort that is affiliated with one of the two largest exchange networks, RCI or II. It will drastically limit your exchange options to not be on one of these two large networks, since they both have over 3,000 quality resorts to choose from.)

Tip 3 Tip I would also recommend based on our experiences that you only purchase a Time Share by Owner week at a resort you have actually visited via a time share exchange, Vacation Time Share Rental, a " Free " Time Share Vacations presentation, or even a "drop-in" like you are interested in renting and a unit check or two + site tour.
  Any deferred maintenance, needed new furniture purchases, or general needed redecorating at the resort is very likely to show up as future increases in Time Share Association Maintenance Fees if the Condo Association has not already set aside funds for these Repairs and updates in their budget. Be sure to check out a copy of the most recent Resort Condo Association's annual budget. -- And remember, "asking" or "listed" prices are not necessarily final sale prices.
   If you cannot actually visit the resort you are considering purchasing, carefully check out the "User Review" comments at the 3 Time Shares by Owner Listing/Advertising web sites given below and request a lot of unit and site pictures from the Owner/Seller.

The good discounts on by Owner Time shares often occur because the new time share owners have purchased a Vacation Time Share at a Resort from a sales presentation "pitch" which sounded great at the time, but when they actually start USING their new time share, they find they are missing one or more of the 4 points above -- the most common one being # 4, which involves a "financial committment" to taking at least a week vacation almost every year to justify the ongoing Condo Association Maintence fees and RCI or II Exchange Network membership dues. (Links to RCI & II Web Sites are below.)

Condo Association Fees for a 2-bedroom unit will generally run in the $450 to $650 per year range and II or RCI Membership dues about $140 per year which includes their magazine and periodic updated color catalog Directory of Time Share Exchange Resorts. Both networks now have large web sites where you can check out Resorts for exchanging possibilities and your account for the status of any exchanges you may have requested or to set up new ones unless you would prefer to do it by phone.

Sources of Resale Time Shares By Owner + Vacation Time Share Rentals - How do you find the good Time Share Resales by Owner discounts? -- and the By Owner Timeshare Rental Discounts?

We have discovered over our years of vacationing mostly at Time Share Resorts that a very extensive source of both discounted Resort Time Shares By Owner Resales and also Owners unusued Resort Time Share Condo Weeks for Rent is the individual time share resort web sites.

These Time Shares by Owner For Resale or For Rent are usually Units or Weeks that the individual Time Share Owners have listed with the Resort on-site real estate management company to either sell or rent for them. These owners will pay a percentage fee to the Real Estate Broker/Management Co. if their Timeshare Week is sold or rented by that on-site company. Broker fees charged owners generally run about 7 - 10% for Time Share Owner Resales, and about 20 - 30% for Owner Time Share Condo Rentals. (These fees are generally just added on to the Resale or Rental asking price by the owners.)

Usually buying or renting a Unit or week from a on-site Real Estate Brokerage Company is fairly simple since they usually have easy access to the paperwork on the unit, current maintenance fee paid status, etc. (You still should have an attorney look over the Timeshare purchase paperwork on your behalf if buying.)

See our several Timeshare Resort Reviews & Vacation Rentals pages below for Info, Tips, + direct "clickable" links to the RCI and II Vacation Time Share Resorts we have "Reviewed" on this site to help you check out current Resort Time Share weeks for sale or rent.

You can also find Time Shares by Owner Resales and Vacation Time Share condo week rental listings on several web sites. These are Ads that the Owners themselves have paid a fee to place on the Time Share Sales and Rentals Web Site. These Owners generally will not pay any brokerage percentage fee to the Web Site when their time share is sold or rented. The Web Site advertising fees generally run from $10 - $49 per 6-month period for these advertising listings.

My three favorite online Time Shares By Owner Listings for Sale &
For Rent Sites were chosen primarily because they all have "User Reviews" of the individual resorts with the ad listings on their site so you usually can check out candid comments from people who have actually stayed at the Time Share Resort you are interested in to buy or to rent.

Asking prices shown in Ads for Time Share By Owner unit weeks are usually a point at which to begin price "negotiations" -- Rental prices listed are usually more firm, unless there is less than two monts until the actual rental date or the individual time share resort unit or vacation time is undesirable in some way. (Always check where the Unit is located in the Resort - eg. facing the ocean beach, or overlooking the parking lot and dumpsters - OR - high enough to see the ocean and beach over the sea wall and sand dunes, or on first floor with an often limited view.)

  • Timeshare Users Group (TUG) - Very Informative and fairly high "traffic" Volunteer-maintained site with much helpful Time Share Purchase, Rental, & Sales Info, + Listings of Resale Time Shares by Owner and also Time shares for Rent or Exchange. Helpful User Forums + many VERY candid User Resort Reviews!

    Extensive databases of TUG Member Time Share Resort Reviews (many with pictures), Resort Ratings, Historical Sales, Permanent Swap, and User Forums are only available to paid members. Membership fee is $15 for first year. (Includes a Free Bonus Classified Ad) Renewal is $15 per year or $30 for 3 years (Jan, 2014).

    TUG is a VERY useful timeshare Info Site with extensive User Resort Review Listings. TUG has now improved their Site navigation and search capabilities for their "Classified Ad" For Rent and For Sale Listings which is helpful. There seem to be fewer For Sale and For Rent listings at TUG than at the RedWeek Site below. However --

    There is much useful Time Share Consumer Guide Buying and Selling Info on the Timeshare Users Group Site that purchasing a TUG membership will help support -- in addition to the extensive Resort User Reviews you gain access to.  If you are considering purchasing a Resale "By Owner" Timeshare, joining TUG is a must!

  • - Timeshare rentals, resales, & exchanges - Large VERY popular site that advertises they now have over 1,500,000 registered users. (Jan, 2014)

    RedWeek has highest site user traffic of 3 Sites listed here using Alexa Site Traffic Ranking statistics which means For Rent or For Sale ads placed there will probably get more "Viewers." It is an easy to navigate searchable Site - can quickly find listings in Vacation Destination area that are looking for.

    Can View Time Shares by Owner Resale or For Rent ads for free, but must be a member to see Resort Reviews, post Ads, or do reviews. $14.99 membership fee for 1 year (Jan, 2014). Can set up an e-mail "alert" to be notified of new For Sale or For Rent listings at Vacation Resorts you are interested in - a handy feature.

    RedWeek offers a third-party Escrow service for Timeshare Rental transactions + a recent new Timeshare Exchange Program to "compete" with RCI and II. (Time will tell on how limited the exchange listings in their program are as compared to regular RCI & II member exchanging associations.) They also offer full Timeshare Sale services by a Licensed Real Estate Broker for a Fee.

    RedWeek seems to not have as many User Resort Reviews as TUG Site above, but believe it does have the most Time shares by owner "For Rent" and "For Sale" Listings in a well organized searchable format.

  • - Timeshare Rentals,Timeshare Resales & Permanent Exchange/Swaps - Large growing in popularity site that charges no membership fees, only fees to advertise Resale Time Shares by Owner for Sale or Timeshare Vacation Condo weeks for rent (as of Jan, 2012).

    The MyResortNetwork Site has a section on closing sale or rental transactions plus a downloadable lease or a short term rental agreement and also a sales agreement or sales contract that their Site Viewers can download for a fee and use. (We would still recommend using a third party Escrow Agent if not buying or renting from an onsite Licensed Real Estate Broker.) MyResortNetwork also offers full Timeshare Sale services by a Licensed Real Estate Broker for a Fee.

    You can set up an "alert" to be notified by e-mail about new For Sale or For Rent listings at Time Share Vacation Resorts you are interested in which is a timesaving feature.

    My Resort Network is an easy to navigate, searchable Site, but currently seems to have slightly fewer For Rent and For Sale listings and Resort Reviews than either TUG or RedWeek -- probably mainly because it is a newer Site. The My Resort Network Site seems to be growing fast however, so check back.

To Timeshare Basics -  What are Time Shares?  What are the types of Time Share Ownership? Fixed Time Vs Floating Time Weeks? - Advantages & Disadvantages. Vacation Clubs. RCI & II Time Share Exchanging Tips

Do Time Shares Really Save you Money on Vacations? - Timeshare ownership Vs vacation condo Rental cost comparison.

Cheap or almost " Free " Time Share Vacations - mini-Vacation Getaways with Time Share Tours. + What to expect & how to find the top Getaway deals.

Timeshare Vacation Promotions - Links to Vacation Getaway Discounts & Deals - even some free timeshare vacation Getaways!

Top 20 Timeshare Vacation Destinations - the 20 most Popular mini-Vacation Getaway Destinations

  RCI & II Timeshare Resort Exchange Network Web Sites - Both allow you look at Info and Pictures on their member Time Share Resorts without being a member. RCI now has a limited number of Member Resort Reviews.

 - To Resort Condominiums International (RCI) Web Site

 - To Interval International (II) Web Site

Ocean Front Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals with "Reviews" Ocean Front Virginia Beach Time shares Resort Condo Reviews + Vacation Condo Rental & Timeshare Exchanging Tips - With Pictures. (Also link to sometimes Discounted ("Cheap?") Near Virginia Beach Resort Rentals & Time Shares.)
Florida Cocoa Beach Vacation Condo & Time Share Rentals & Reviews Page - includes nearby Satellite Beach & Cape Canaveral Resort and Timeshare Rental Reviews and Tips.
   Also Ocean Front & View St Augustine, FL Condo Rental Vacation Top Picks & "Reviews."

Oceanfront Oregon Coast Beach Rentals & Reviews -
Oceanfront Time Share Oregon Beach Rentals & Oregon Beach Front Rentals - Reviews and Tips

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Comments on great Florida or Virginia Beach area Timeshare Resort Rental weeks you may own, have exchanged to, rented, or a Resort where you purchased a Resale Time Shares by Owner unit week.

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