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Florida, Virginia, and Beaches + other Affordable Destinations & Discount Cruise Packages

Cheap Timeshare Promotion Vacation Getaway Deals
- some with a simple "requirement"

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Discounted & Almost Free Getaway Vacations
MANY Top Pick US  &  Worldwide Destinations

  • Cheap Weekend Vacation Getaways
    -- Florida, Virginia Beach, Oregon Coast + Other US & Worldwide Destinations
  • Timeshare Vacation Promotions & Deals
  • Affordable Romantic Getaways
  • Last Minute & Discount Beach 3-day Getaways
  • All Inclusive Cheap Vacations & Cheap Cruise Packages
  • Cheap Beach Vacations & Beach Getaway Packages

-- some with a Timeshare Sales Presention & Resort Tour "Price"

Why the Timeshare Resorts offer the Discounted Mini-Vacation Promotions

Getaway Timeshare Vacation Promotions are a great way to take a weekend or mini-vacation with almost free or cheap Lodging at often a brand new Time Share Resort -- which may have thousands of individual timeshare weeks to sell. The Getaway Promotions give the Timeshare Resort a way to attract more people to the Time share resort to see what they have to offer.

Where you usually stay for the Timeshare Promotion

Sometimes your actual lodging is at a nearby nice hotel or a "sister" older Resort -- which for the discounted lodging package price and the free Attraction Tickets or Restaurant Dining Vouchers you often get, is still a very good weekend vacation Getaways deal. Sometimes you can even find some cheap and very affordable Romantic Getaways on the lists.
What my Wife and I have experienced at these Timeshare Presentation Promotions & Tours

My Wife and I have done a few of these cheap Timeshare Vacation Promotions -- complete with the Timeshare Presentation & Tour -- and have always have had a good experience. (-- and yes, they try to sell you something -- but what else is new!)  My Wife and I like to go for the ones with the free Dining Voucher Coupons!

The Timeshare Vacation Promotions Getaway packages & promotional deals -- and the "Exchange" for the deal

Usually the Vacation Timeshare Resort will offer you a highly discounted lodging deal to encourage you to come and have an experience with the new timeshare resort and facilities.

You usually must meet certain age and income requirements + sometimes also geographic restrictions to qualify for the discounted timeshare vacation promotions. Timeshare promotion requirements vary with the individual resorts so read the ads carefully. (After you check out the Timeshare Promotion Deals below, you can see more details on what to expect during the Timeshare Sales Presentation & Timeshare Resort Tour on our "Free" Time Share Vacations page.)

Attend the Presentation Promotion and do a Resort Tour --Your "Exchange" for the mini-Vacation deal

The exchange for the discounted promotional lodging deal is the requirement that you agree to attend a 90-120 minute Timeshare Resort Vacation Sales Promotion presentation on the advantages of owning a vacation timeshare at the resort sometime during your stay. Usually a Resort Amenities and Model Condo Unit Tour is a part of the Presentation. (More on the Timeshare Promotion Presentation below the Destination Links box.)

Skip down to specific mini-Vacation Getaway Destination Areas below (Click Link)

The required Sales Promotion Timeshare Presentation -- You DON'T have to buy a Timeshare week to qualify!

Remember that you do not have to purchase a timeshare week at the resort to qualify for the special discounted timeshare vacation promotion price -- but you must attend the Timeshare Vacation Promotions presentation about the Resort sometime during your stay to qualify!  Then you can just politely say "No" to the Timeshare purchase if you decide not to buy.

Check out if Timeshare Vacation Ownership Fits You -- our 4 points

Read the 4 points at the top of our
Vacation Time Shares by Owner page to see if Vacation Timeshare Ownership "fits" you. (link opens new window) -- Remember that you must pay the annual Timeshare Resort Maintenance fees for your Unit week, regardless if you use your Timeshare Condo or not.

Even if timeshare ownership doesn't seem to "fit" your vacation style, you can still get a great discounted mini or Weekend Vacation Getaway by just attending a Timeshare Vacation Promotions presentation. More Info on the Sales Presentation and Resort Amenities Tour on our "Free" Time Share Vacations & Getaways - Time Share Tours page.  Or, check out some Affordable Florida, Virginia, and Beach Getaway Promotions and Package Deals below.

Cheap and "Free" Time Share Vacations & Discount Timeshare Promotion Packages + Weekend Getaways Categorized List

The Links below go direct to current Popular Getaway Timeshare Vacation Promotions and some discounted vacation package specials. They are grouped by states.

Getaway & Timeshare Vacation Promotions for
Florida, Virginia, Oregon, Las Vegas, Skiing
Hawaii, Caribbean & other Popular Destinations + Cheap Cruises:

  (Note - these links are here for your convenience for Info on a cheap mini-vacation getaway, not because we recommend you purchase a time share.)

  Florida Vacation Promotions & Package Deals + Timeshare Promotions:

Visit Travelocity for Florida Deals
-- Great discounts on Hotel + Flight Travel Package Deals + some Affordable Weekend & Romantic Beach Vacation Getaway Destinations. Includes a few last-minute travel deals

Click Image for Info

Cheap Florida Beach Vacations - St Augustine Beaches - Pointe Vedra Beach - Fort Lauderdale - Florida Vacation Packages

Florida Inclusive Vacations - FL Vacation Packages & Deals - Beach Resorts - Spa Vacations

Orlando Timeshare Promotion Vacations & Tours + Disney time share promotion packages & Orlando Timeshare Tour Package Promotions

Orlando Air + Hotel vacation packages from $315 pp! Great deals on a variety of Orlando Resort or Hotel + Air packages -- or other package options.

Orlando Timeshare Vacation Promotions - Time share Resort Sales Site using Orlando Timeshare Promotion Vacations as incentives. Includes some general Orlando Getaway Vacation Packages and Disney Vacation Packages.
Some Orlando Packages may include Walt Disney World or Universal Studio Tickets. Some will require a 90 - 120 minute Timeshare Presentation & brief Resort Tour in exchange for a highly discounted Lodging and Attraction Tickets deal. No requirement to purchase a timeshare, just need to attend the timeshare vacation presentation and resort tour.

Find variety of great deals from Disney - Visit Travelocity for Disney Vacations - Many Family Vacation options.

Quickly compare the Top Hotel Deals in Orlando - Compare Ratings, Rates, Amenities, Pictures, and Traveler Reviews

Orlando Theme Park Vacations - Several Orlando Getaway Promotions including 2 Theme Park Tickets - Some similar Weekend Getaway Timeshare Vacation Promotions will hopefully be available again soon. - Check back.

Tour Everglades - Airboad rides to see Alligators & Wildlife - Nature Photography - Everglades National Park - Fishing

Orlando Package Deals - Hotel + Flight and Save - Visit Travelocity for Florida and Orlando Vacation Deals

Virginia Getaway Vacations, Packages, & Timeshare Vacation Promotions:

Virginia Beach Vacation Packages - Virginia Beach, VA Vacation and Hotel Packages, including Wyndham and Oceanfront Hilton Getaway Packages.

Search for Hotel deals and discounts at  -- With Photos and User Reviews and Ratings -- Special discounted Hotel Deals in Virginia Beach and nearby areas + hotels in Florida and other areas of US

Cheap Virginia Weekend Getaways & Vacations - Affordable Virginia Beach Getaways and other Cheap Virginia Travel

Affordable Virginia Weekend Getaways - Discounted Weekend Getaways in Virginia + Virginia Romantic Getaways & Virginia Beach Romantic Getaway Resort Packages.

Virginia Beach VA Hotel Discount Deals - Affordable Virginia Beach Hotels and Resort Package Deals

Williamsburg 2 Nights -  includes Hotel Stay + Park Tickets to either Bush Gardens or Colonial Williamsburg - Some similar Timeshare Vacation Promotions will probably be available again soon

This link usually includes at least one Virginia option - East Coast Escapes: Hotels from $39 - Can quickly Compare Rates, Ratings, Amenities, and User Reviews.

We are looking for another Reputable Company with good Virginia Timeshare Vacation Getaway packages to replace some of the missing Virginia mini-vacation Timeshare Vacation promotions that were here that included Attraction or Theme Park Tickets that got discontinued. Check back.

  Oregon Free Vacation Promotion Package Links:

Get Away today last minute Deals from $199 - Oregon + other Affordable Searchable Destinations. (This Last Minute Travel Deals Special has been discontinued for now -- we will keep watching to see when something similiar is again offered.)

Seaside - Northern Oregon Coast - Sometimes special Package Deals at some Seaside Hotels & Inns.

  Multiple Locations - Vacation Promotion & Getaway Vacation Package Deals + All Inclusive Cheap Vacations & Cheap Cruise Packages:
      -- Popular Vacation Travel Destinations all over the World

Suite of the month Sale at Sandals Resorts
Click Image for Info
Promotion ends soon

Romantic Beachfront Resorts - Luxurious Getaway Vacation Destinations - Special up to 50% off on Affordable Weekend and Romantic Getaway Vacations at Sandals Resorts if book before deadline

Timeshare Vacation Promotions - Time Share Resorts & Rentals + Time Share Vacation Package Promotions

Select a package from our Mountain Destination Sale - Many scenic mountain vacation options - Can select from many departure Cities - Last Minute Travel Promotion Sale

All Inclusive Vacations Cheap - Beach Resorts - Travel Packages - All Inclusive Resorts & Cheap Vacation Packages

Escape this weekend to a destination renowned for its Food & Wine --
great affordable last-minute travel and romantic adult getaway deals. (Click link to quickly forward to new site location.)

Vacation Cheap Packages - Orlando Vacation Packages - All Inclusive Vacation Packages & Resorts - Family Vacation Packages

Timeshare Tour Promotions -
Time Share Resort Sales & Promotional Tours + Timeshare Resales & Vacation Club Timeshares

East Coast Escapes: Hotels from $40 - Can quickly Compare Rates, Ratings, Amenities, and User Reviews.

Beach Timeshare Promotions -
Vacation Club Timeshares - Timeshare Resales - Vacation Cabin Rentals - Timeshare Vacation Ownership Resales

Discount Cheap Cruise Packages - Disney Cruises - Hawaii Cruises - Caribbean Cruises - River Cruises - Cheap Cruises

Click Image for Info

Treat yourself to a last-minute getaway! Choose from great hotel deals in your favorite cities at!
- Many last minute Getaway Vacation Package Choices + 3 day Getaways.

Top 10 Worldwide Vacation Destinations! - Compare Rates, Ratings, Amenities, and Traveler User Reviews. The Vote is in on the most Popular places where Travelers are going!

Vacation Time Shares by Owner - Buy and RENT Resale Vacation Resort Time Shares at BIG discounts + how to find the " cheap " resale and time share rental deals

Newer link Almost " Free " Time Share Vacations - Getaways - Time Share Resort Tours & Resort Timeshare Vacation Promotions experiences. + What to expect and where to find the Top Getaway deals and discounted Time Share mini-vacations.

Best Weekend Getaways & Affordable Romantic Getaways + Cheap Beach and Florida Weekend Vacation Getaways + a few Cheap Timeshare Vacation Promotions and Weekend mini-Vacations.

To Timeshare Basics -  What are Time Shares?  What are the types of Time Share Ownership? Fixed Time Vs Floating Time Weeks? - Advantages & Disadvantages. Vacation Clubs. RCI & II Time Share Exchanging
Tips Tip

Top 20 Timeshare Vacation Destinations - the 20 most Popular mini-Vacation Getaway Destinations

Ocean Front Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals with "Reviews" Ocean Front Virginia Beach Time shares Resort Condo Reviews + Vacation Condo Rental & Timeshare Exchanging Tips - With Pictures. (Also link to sometimes Discounted ("Cheap?") Near Virginia Beach Resort Rentals & Time Shares.)

Florida Cocoa Beach Vacation Condo & Time Share Rentals & Reviews Page - also includes Satellite Beach Resort and Timeshare Rental Reviews and Tips.

Cheap Beach Vacations - Cheap Florida Beach & Virginia Beach Vacations + Cheap US Getaway Vacation Packages & Cheap Cruise Vacations

Back to specific mini-Vacation Getaway Destination Areas List above

We are looking for another very Reputable Company with good Virginia and Florida Timeshare Vacation Promotions Getaway packages to replace some of the missing Virginia and Florida weekend vacation time share promotions that were here that included Theme Park Tickets. Check back.

We appreciate your Web Site suggestions or Timeshare Vacation Promotions suggestions or feedback on our Comments Page

Thanks for checking us out! Bookmark us and come back soon to see what's new.  Gene

Your Top Picks!

Please also send any comments on your discoveries of Cheap or Free Time Share Vacations, Getaway Timeshare Vacation Promotions, Romantic Getaways, and places of interest in Florida , Virginia, or Oregon - Possibilities Include:

Or comments on great Florida or Virginia vacation Beach area Timeshare Resort weeks (preferrably ocean front) you may own, have exchanged to, or rented.

Attached Vacation, Resort & Attraction photos to go with the comments are always appreciated!

Send your Favorites to us on our "Your Top Picks" & Comments Page Thanks!

Here is a partial listing of some other pages available on this site to help you plan your next best weekend getaways, romantic beach getaways & vacations, or 3 day getaways using timeshare vacation promotions:

 Why Virginia vacation beaches? + Virginia Beach Vacation nearby attraction comments & "Must See" list - with Pictures, Information Links,
Tips & Day Trip Ideas + times to allow for viewing Attractions.
Why Florida Vacation Beaches? - Florida East Coast Vacation Beaches including Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach Day Trip List with Tips and driving times from Cocoa Beach
Florida Cocoa Beaches + Florida Satellite Beaches - nearby points of interest and Attractions List +
Tips and Reviews  
$  Attraction Discounts and Tips for Discounted Travels - Includes Car Rentals - Discounts for all ages

$ Virginia Attraction & Discount Travel Tips for the 50+ Crowd - Includes Car Rental Discounts - "over 50ers" and the "Seasoned Citizen" Set often can get some special discounts we talk about here!

Timeshare Vacation Promotions - Discounts on Cheap and Almost Free Time Share Vacations & Getaway Vacation Packages - Affordable Weekend and Romantic Getaway Deals - This page

Back to Getaway Timeshare Promotion Deals List above

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