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Travel Domain Name Aftermarket Listings
"Cheap" + "All Inclusive" Vacation & Travel Domains

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Travel Domain Name Listings

Available Categorized Travel Domain Names Aftermarket Listings below

-To use for "Traffic Building" Site Domain Name Advertising
+ Forwarding for Existing or New Sites

Newer Link - Almost all of the Domains on the Vacation and Travel Domain name list below are recent new acquisitions.

Most of these "Cheap" and "All Inclusive" Travel topic domains were purchased to test how they would do for Cash Parking in the current US Economy.

We will see how such topics as "DiscountCheapCruise" and "
InclusiveVacationsCheap" fare as people are spending their travel funds more carefully.

So far, some on the Vacation and Travel Domain Name Deals list below have been priced and listed at Afternic, so copy and paste one into the Afternic Search Box below to see the listing there. If you find one you are interested in that is not priced, please contact me Via the Fill-in Form

This link goes to our prior "Easy" Vacation & Travel Domain Names Aftermarket Sales page - Easy to Remember .com Domains to help build Web Site traffic. The page includes a discussion on Why to use Forwarding Domains and some of our personal Vacation Web Site building and traffic experiences.

Newer Link The page also includes some recently added "Getaway" Vacation, "Romantic" Vacation + Vacation "Package" Travel Domains as Aftermarket Domains for sale.

-- You may decide that you want a different Domain for the Search Engines than for your "Human" Visitors or Advertising where you may want to use a shorter, non-dashed, and "Easy to Remember and type in" domain name.

See our discussion of "The Solution to the Long and "Hard to Remember" Web Site Name Problem" on the
Vacation & Travel Domain Names Aftermarket Sales page for a discussion of that topic.

"Easy" New Vacation & Travel .COM  Domain Names are now frequently already registered! Good Descriptive AND "Easy to Remember" . COM Domain Names for a new Vacation or Travel Web Site Business are getting increasingly hard to find. Hopefully you can find one you could use or at least get some ideas from the Travel Domain Name Listing below.

Vacation and Travel Domain Names - Available .COM Domain Names

(Caps or no Caps are fine when type in Domain Names for search. Do not use spaces, however.)

The Mimimum Asking Price for any Domain Names Aftermarket Listing here is $680 unless the Domain is listed on
Afternic (Search box below) - those minimums are shown there.
  --- (See 2/23/09 NOTE regarding Domains for sale below)

Please contact me using this Fill-in Form for prices on Domains not listed at Afternic. Some are not for sale right now since want to monitor them for a while in our Cash Parking Domains test.

- Here or there sales include 3rd party Escrow paid by Seller (Gene)
Please send questions or offers to Gene at this Fill-in Form - Thanks.

Domains with "clickable" hyperlinks below forward to the cash parking revenue page for that domain name - We are not encouraging you to click on the "Sponsored Links" on the pages - just to see some examples of how the parked domain names can earn revenue while waiting to use them to build a Web Site, for a Forwarding Domain, or for a domain names aftermarket sales listing.  

We have recently switched to new Parking company for our Cash Parking Domains and have found them easy to set up with good graphic and Ad template options -- plus we have been pleased with the cash parking statistical resports and revenue results! (To a Domain Cash Parking Info Tour in a new window)

-- You can also copy and paste any domain name into your browser to see where the domain currently forwards to. Most domains below currently go to a focused topic "Cash Parking" page of some type. A few below are listed at Afternic.

(NOTE: -- As of 2/23/09 we are taking all Domains listed here and at Afternic off the Market as resale Domains, since now have almost all of them listed for Cash Parking Revenue. We are going to re-assess their value from a Cash Parking Income standpoint Vs. from only a Aftermarket Resale one.
  Even though some of Domains listed at Afternic may show a sale price, they are temporarily off of the market for resale as of 2/23/09 until further notice here while we assess the Cash Parking Data. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you are very interested in any Domain listed below, e-mail me and maybe we can accelerate the resale pricing decision on that one. Thanks!)

   "Cheap" & "All Inclusive" topic Vacation & Travel Domains - Grouped by State or Category:  - Possible Site Name: Discount Cheap Cruise Getaways and Packages

Newer Link on - Travel Domain Name page  - Possible Site Name: Cheap Cruises Vacation Packages and Discount Deals

Newer Link - Possible Site Name: Senior Cruises - Cheap Getaways and Packages  - Possible Travel Site Name: Inclusive Vacations Cheap - Getaways, Weekends, Resorts, and Packages

Newer Link on  - Possible Site Name: Cheap All Inclusive Packages + Cruises, Resort Vacation Packages, & Deals

Domain Names For Sale

The best domain names are already registered and might be for sale. Search Afternic Listings here:

Domain Names for Sale - Afternic
 - Copy & paste or type this Domain Name (Since it IS on the Afternic list!) into the Search Box to go to the Domain Listed for Sale at Afternic - then click on the underlined Domain Name on left to see the For Sale Listing Info and price at Afternic.
Note: Then click the "View sellers listings" link near top of the above Domain Sale description page to view all of our 70+ Domain Name Aftermarket listings now also on Afternic.  
(Tip - Search Box treats any text like it is an "in quotes" search. Also, don't use spaces.)  - Possible Travel Site: USA All Inclusive Vacations - Tours and Packages  - Possible Vacation Site: Inclusive Package Vacation Getaways and Packages - Possible Vacation Site: Inclusive Cheap Vacations - Getaways and Packages  - Possible Travel Site: Luxury Inclusive Resorts and Cruises  - Possible Site: Florida Inclusive Vacations - Getaways and Packages  - Possible Site: FL Inclusive Vacations - Getaways and Packages -
Could be used for a Orlando Timeshare Promotions Vacation Timeshare Resort sales site.
- too long, but one Keyword Stats Site says Orlando Timeshare Vacation Promotions is also searched for a little at the Search Engines, so am experimenting with it at cash parking. Domain could also be used for a Time share Resort Sales Site using Orlando Timeshare Promotion Vacations as incentives.  - Possible Site: Cheap Deals Vacation Packages, Resorts, and Cruises  - Possible Site: Vacation Cheap Packages, Getaways, and Cruises   - Possible Site: Cheap Vacations in the Southern USA  - Possible Site: Cheap Branson Vacations  - Possible Site: Cheap Vacation Hotel Deals  - Possible Site: Cheap VA Vacations: Affordable Virginia Vacation Packages  - Possible Site: Cheap Florida Beach Vacations: Affordable FL Vacation Packages and Romantic Getaways  - Possible Site: Cheap CA Vacations: Affordable California Vacation Packages and Beach Getaways

Please send questions or offers to Gene at this Fill-in Form - Thanks.
The Minimum Asking Price for any Domain Listed here is $480 unless Domain is listed on Afternic domain names aftermarket web site. Those minimums are shown there - Here or there includes 3rd party Escrow paid by Seller

This link goes to our "Creation Story" of how first Vacation Web Site was built -- plus the "Tools" we discovered that helped build top traffic

  -- OR
-- go direct to what I discovered and used to build two Top 1% Traffic Ranked Vacation Guide Web Sites. - Or to the How "Regular Individuals" did it --
"Case Histories & Success Stories" Page.

For "Basic" Web Site Hosting, with few added features as discussed in the links above, but very cheap pricing, see the descriptions and Links below.

Vacation & Travel Domains Aftermarket Domain resales page - Easy to Remember .com Domains to help build Web Site traffic.

We have recently switched to a new Parking company for our Cash Parked Domain names and have been pleased with the cash parking revenue results and statistical resports + graphic and easy Ad template setup options. (To a Domain Cash Parking Info Tour in a new tab/window)

For fast Domain Name Availability Lookup and Cheap Domain Name Pricing, check out I have several dozen Domain Names "Parked" or being used as "Forwarding Domain Names" at GoDaddy and have found them to have great service at very reasonable prices!

Can also check out Basic "No Frills" Cheap Web Site Hosting Plans
at the Hosting Plans Info page.
GoDaddy has some very reasonably priced Site Hosting plans with the basic features like Site e-mail, Statistics, a "Traffic Blazer" add-on option, and several others that you need for basic and reliable "do-it-yourself" Web Site Hosting.

I use inexpensive GoDaddy Site Hosting to host my local Rotary Club's .org Web Site plus my Site and have found their hosting to be very reliable and their service great. Their Site Hosting Plans now (1/12/09) start at $4.99/month -- $4.50/mo if purchase 24 months. See details of this + their other Site Hosting Plans at their Hosting Plans Info page.

Interested in creating an Affordable Business Web Site? - See this Build a Business Website Cheap Site

Please let me know how you like GoDaddy's service or the Company Discussed in the links above on my
Comments Form. Good Luck on building your own web site -- whatever you use to do it! - The two Web Site Hosting Companies discussed on this page are both ones I use and personally familiar with -- and that I know are reliable, have good service, and very competitive pricing.

Don't see a Travel domain name that will work for you in the list above? -- see if a New Domain Name that will work for your Web Site is available at GoDaddy

#1 - Home of the $1.99 domain name

* See our page for Descriptions, Links, and Page Listings for all of our US Vacation Sites.

Florida Vacation Beaches - Florida East Coast Vacation Beaches including Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach Day Trip List with
Tips and driving times from Cocoa Beach
Virginia vacation beaches + Virginia Beach attraction Reviews & "Must See" list - Page I - with Pictures, Information Links,
Tips & Day Trip Ideas + driving times from Virginia Beach & times to allow for viewing Attractions - Virginia Beach, Newport News and Yorktown Area Attractions
- Also Page II - (Continued from above) - Colonial Williamsburg Area Attractions + Berkeley Plantation

Oregon Vacation Beaches
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Florida Vacation Beach Rentals Page - Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach Resort and Ocean front Timeshare Rental Reviews and Beach Vacation Travel TipTips.
Florida / Virginia Beach Time Shares Guide (+ All exchange areas) - Types of Timeshares + Pros & Cons: Fixed Vs Floating - Deeded Vs Leased - Vacation Clubs + II & RCI Time Share Exchanging Tips

$ Attraction Discounts and Tips for Discounted Travels - Includes Car Rentals + others - Discounts for ALL ages!

$ Virginia / Florida Attraction & Discount Travels Tips for the Age 50+ Crowd - Includes Car Rental Discounts + others. "Over 50ers" and the "Seasoned Citizen" Set often can get some special discounts we talk about here!

Virginia Beach Rentals - Top Picks - Ocean front Resort Condo Reviews + Vacation Condo Rental & Timeshare Exchange
Memorable Beach Vacations travel TipTips - With Pictures & Info Links.

Oregon Coast Beach Rentals - Time Share Oregon Beach Rentals, Oregon Coast Condos, & Oregon Beach Front Rentals + Reviews and Tips
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Receive our RSS Feed / Mini Blog - Keep up on what is new on this US Beach Vacations Site Plus Local Current Activities for Virginia, Oregon, and Florida Vacation Beaches. Also New Tips and Discounts when available.

Newer Link on - Florida Vacation Beaches Info page Easy to remember  Page with Top Picture Logos and links to BOTH of our "Picture Enhanced" US Vacation Web Sites + Descriptions. Also link to new High Resolution downloadable Pictures from both of our US Vacation Sites.

Vacation and Travel Domain Name Listing Deals - this page

We would appreciate your suggestions for our Domain Names Aftermarket Sales Listing page or comments for this Web Site on our Comments Page.   

Thanks for checking us out!  Bookmark us and come back soon to see what's new as we grow. Gene

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