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Jamestown Original Colony - Historic Jamestown - Captain John Smith Statue - Virginia Beach Attraction II page 
Historic Jamestown Colony - Captain John Smith Statue - Interesting near Virginia Beach Attraction - Larger version of this Picture
at our VA Screensaver Pictures II page

Virginia Beach Attraction List II

  Why Virginia Vacation Beaches?

Day Trips + Must See List - Page II

Includes: Colonial Williamsburg Attractions
- Historic Jamestown Colony - Berkeley Plantation
+ Busch Gardens - Williamsburg

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Virginia Beach Attraction - II

    More - Why Virginia Beach and Southeastern Virginia Attractions? (Continued from Page I List)

Enjoyable Day Trips and outstanding places of historical and scenic interest within approximately 90 minutes driving time from Virginia Beach.

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Colonial Williamsburg Day Trips III - Day Trip Info + Pictures

Virginia Beach Area "Must-see"
Day Trip
List Page II
- with driving times,
Reviews, & times to allow

Colonial Williamsburg Area

  Colonial Williamsburg - Bruton Parish Church - Near Virginia Beach Attraction

( Bruton Parish Church 1715 - Colonial Williamsburg )

See Larger Printable version of this Picture at Screensavers Pictures II page

  • Colonial Williamsburg - "Living History Museum" (about 75 minutes northwest of Virginia Beach - avoid peak traffic times or allow extra time for possible delays at the I-64 Hampton Roads Bridge - Tunnel.)

    Restored buildings and interpreters in 18th century costumes. Historical & educational for those who can handle much walking.  (Walking & touring of old Mansions, churches, and buildings scattered over the large Colonial Williamsburg area.)

    Busses run around an outside loop of the mile long restored villiage area on a frequent schedule - Many buildings and exhibits with people in period costumes "doing" what happened years ago!

    Colonial Williamsburg - Blacksmith pounding out hand made square nails - Near Virginia Beach Attraction

Blacksmith making square nails

Interesting - take a lot of film or an extra memory card for your camera - pictures are allowed almost everywhere!
Check MarkTip: Don't miss the Governors Palace tour!

Colonial Williamsburg Play Characters hamming it up with Audiance before Play starts + Give yourself a treat and take in one of the great "old-time" plays at least one evening!  Much encouraged audiance interaction - fun. (we did two last visit - stayed in a Bread & Breakfast nearby an extra day after our Virginia Beach timeshare week.)

Allow at least 2 or 3 days to see all of the historical buildings & live exhibits. This is the biggest "Must See" family vacation beaches attraction in the area - great Family near Virginia Beach Attraction.
 To Colonial Williamsburg Web Site Use Tips + Site Link

    College of William & Mary - The Sir Christopher Wren Building 1699 - Williamsburg Virginia vacation attractions 
    College of William & Mary - The Sir Christopher Wren Building 1699)

    See Larger Printable version of this Picture at
    Screensavers Pictures I page

  • Historic Campus of College of William and Mary - at west end of Colonial Williamsburg. College was chartered in 1693, by King William III and Queen Mary II as the second college in the
    American colonies.

    Can get to entrance to campus from Colonial Williamsburg or off of Richmond Road in town of Williamsburg. Walk through the Sir Christopher Wren Building - the oldest college building in the US - Constructed between 1695 and 1699. Are other historic campus buildings you can view also. Beautiful campus. Interesting historical near Virginia Beach Attraction.

    TINY brass doorknobs with big keys on thick wooden doors - Saving $$ on brass?(Check out the tiny brass door knobs on the massive wooden doors!) Guided tours available if College is in session - Self guided tour otherwise. No admission fee.

    To Campus of College of William and Mary Web site use Tips + link to - The Sir Christopher Wren Building virtual tour page

Loch Ness Monster Roller Coaster - Williamsburg Busch Gardens (Pict from Brochure) - Near Virginia Beach Attraction

Busch Gardens - Williamsburg
Loch Ness Monster Roller Coaster

  • Busch Gardens Williamsburg - (3 miles east of Williamsburg - about 70 minutes northwest of Virginia Beach off of I-64) Adventure Park designed to have a 17th century European Theme. Nine European hamlets highlight other cultures.

    Clean and well laid out. Has been voted the world's "Most Beautiful Theme Park" for several years. Over 40 rides including several "major" roller coasters + white water raft ride and "Haunted Lighthouse 4-D" multi-sensory experience. Ten stage shows.

    Childrens musical adventure area with Dumphry Dragon & friends. Can get combo ticket with new adjacent Water Country USA. Families with kids who went give the Theme Park great reviews. Great addition to your family vacation beaches - near Virginia Beach Attraction day trip list.
    Check MarkTip:  "Go Left" -- for the ride and attractions "circle" plus when entering attraction show seating -- Most people go Right so will have less crowds in line at entrances to rides and attractions in AM -- before meet and pass crowds who went Right about mid day.

       Also generally seating fills up quicker on the Right than the Left. Sounds too simple, but try it out! -- Works for other Theme parks and vacation beaches attractions too!

    Check MarkTip 2:  AAA Members get travel discount

     To Busch Gardens Web site use tips + site link

Jamestown Original Colony - Historic Jamestown - Captain John Smith Statue - Virginia Beach Attraction II page 

Historic Jamestown Colony - Captain John Smith Statue - Interesting archelogical digs here.

See Larger Printable version of this Picture at
Screensavers Pictures II page

  • Jamestown National Historic Site - approx 350 year old area which was first permanent Colony in New World from England.

    Restored Church & buildings + archelogical digs & more. Very interesting & educational. About 80 minutes northwest of Virginia Beach - a "Must See" near Virginia Beach Attraction.

    Allow 2-3 hours to view. Don't confuse this area with Jamestown Settlement area nearby with replicas of the three original ships.(- allow more time at peak traffic hours when may have slowdowns at the I-64 Hampton Roads Bridge - Tunnel.")

      To Jamestown National Historic Web site use tips + site Link

Yorktown Battlefield - Yorktown Villiage - Exhibits & Battlefield Tour - Info and Pictures on Virginia Beach "Must See" Day Trips - Page I

Berkley Historic Plantation - They had a wedding party that day - Near Virginia Beach Attraction  

Berkeley Plantation Mansion - Beautiful gardens open down to river

  • Berkeley Plantation - (about 45 minutes southwest of Williamsburg - on SR 5 Hwy - scenic drive.)
       1726 Georgian Mansion on large grounds with beautiful landscaping leading down to a view of the wide James river. Mansion was once taken over and used as a Civil War headquarters. Song "Taps" was composed here during Civil War. Great Constumed Guide tours of Mansion and antiques.
      Don't miss the scenic garden walk and view down to the river. Allow 2 hours to view + approx 30 minutes drive on from Colonial Williamsburg. (This is really not a "near" Virginia Beach Attraction - but it is definately worth the scenic drive.)

    Nearby Shirley Plantation has some interesting archicture and antiques.

      To web site for: Berkeley Plantation, Shirley Plantation, & other scenic sites along the James river. (See vacation beaches LINKS page for site use tips.)

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Colonial Williamsburg Day Trips III - Day Trip Info + Pictures

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