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 Why Virginia vacation beaches? + Virginia Beach attraction Reviews & "Must See" list - Page I - with Pictures, Information Links, Tips & Day Trip Ideas + driving times from Virginia Beach & times to allow for viewing Attractions - Virginia Beach, Newport News and Yorktown Area Attractions

 Why Florida Vacation Beaches? - Florida East Coast Vacation Beaches including Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach Day Trip List with Tips and driving times from Cocoa Beach
 Why Oregon Vacation Beaches? - Coastal Oregon Vacation Beaches including Florence area Day Trip List with Tips and driving times from Florence Central Oregon Coast location.

Florida Vacation Beach Rentals Page - Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach Resort and Ocean front Timeshare Rental Reviews and Beach Vacation Travel TipTips.

 Florida / Virginia Beach Time Shares Guide (+ All exchange areas) - Types of Timeshares + Pros & Cons: Fixed Vs Floating - Deeded Vs Leased - Vacation Clubs + II & RCI Time Share Exchanging Tips

Time Share Exchanging Vs Rental Costs - Do Timeshares Really Save you Money on Vacations?  With Vacation Rental cost comparison analysis + Tips on RCI & II Time Share Exchanges


$ Attraction Discounts and Tips for Discounted Travels - Includes Car Rentals + others - Discounts for ALL ages!

$ Virginia / Florida Attraction & Discount Travels Tips Beach Vacation Travel Tipfor the Age 50+ Crowd - Includes Car Rental Discounts + others. "Over 50ers" and the "Seasoned Citizen" Set often can get some special discounts we talk about here!

Virginia Beach Rentals - Top Picks - Ocean front Resort Condo Reviews + Vacation Condo Rental & Timeshare Exchange Memorable Beach Vacations travel TipTips - With Pictures & Info Links.

Oregon Coast Beach Rentals - Time Share Oregon Beach Rentals, Oregon Coast Condos, & Oregon Beach Front Rentals + Reviews and Tips

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