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Now Ranked in the Top 1% Traffic Rank of all 100,000,000+ Active Web Sites Worldwide - current traffic in peak months now over 100,000 page views / month (7/20/2010)
-- Our Story

Plus - Have you ever thought about creating a Web Site of your Own? -

Take 2 asprin and lie down until the urge goes away!!!

-- Seriously, Its a lot of work and takes a great deal of patience, but it can be rewarding and even fun to "Monetize" your Passion or Hobby!

  Careful tho - "It's a Jungle out there!" -- read on!

(And don't miss the free e-book download Links near bottom of this page
+ the big mistake I almost made!)


I'm the "Gene" guy that you are encouraged to send Comments, Suggestions, and your "Top Picks" to throughout this Site -- the "builder" of this Web Site.


Gene - Builder of this Web site + several othersMy name is Gene Seecann,
I live near Lincoln Nebraska.

- My Wife and I always have to travel a LONG way to get to any great Ocean Beach Vacations!

Gene - On the viewing deck at top of
St Augustine Florida Lighthouse - after climbing
219 steps - we counted!  Spectacular panorama view from 14 stories up was worth the climb.

How we got to here:

My wife and fellow traveler of more than 35 years and I have have been vacation traveling to our favorite affordable ocean beach vacations spots fairly regularly for the last 30+ years.

I am a avid "picture taker"/ hobby photographer and my wife likes to jot down notes about where we've been and particularly good things we've discovered to do and see, as well as places to eat in areas we travel to. (Gene gets particularly excited about the places to eat!)

-- And we actually save and file all the notes, brochures, travel guides, maps, and pictures from each Vacation!

We have some Vacation Time Share weeks In Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach Florida that we got 30+ years ago. (When they cost a lot less than they do today!) We have used them fairly regularly to take some great Beach Vacations with our Kids in Florida and other places we exchanged to. And we have used them in recent years for just my Wife and I to go on some great beach vacations! (See "Time Share Exchanging" and "Do Time Shares Really Save you Money on Vacations?" pages for more details.)

Why Build a Beach Vacations Web Site?

I have been in the Age 55+ "Seasoned" Citizen group talked about elsewhere in this Web Site for several years now, and about 4 years ago started thinking about finding a part time "something" that I could do now -- and into Retirement.

It had to be something that I enjoyed doing - (I have done my quota of un-enjoyable job-related things in my life!) It also had be be in an area that I knew something about -- and that could possibly make a little money! (Sounds pretty Impossible so far!)

I enjoy working on the computer, surfing the Web for Information - particularly upcoming Vacation Information, and have a little experience working on basic non-commercial Web Sites for my Church and my Rotary Club.

Thus the idea of a Web Site dealing with "Vacations" arose. What better use of all those Pictures, Vacation Brochures, Notes, and Guides than to use them to build profitable Web Site!

Important Tip Virginia discount travels vacation beaches Tip If you are considering doing a Web Site of your own, - DO - pick a topic you already know something about and enjoy working with. Developing a Web Site that works is a LOT of work and takes quite a bit of time and patience. If you don't really enjoy and already know something about the topic you are working with, you are almost guaranteed to be miserable working with it and ultimately fail.

How I figured out what exactly to use as my Web Site's Topic. (I almost really messed up here!)

One of the things my Wife and I have always enjoyed doing on Vacations is visiting Historical Sites and places of interest -- Old Mansions, Plantations, Churches, and Museums geared to displays of Historical topics. I have a lot of pictures and accumulated notes, brochures, and other Information from those Vacations.

It was at this point on 6/16/04 that I purchased four Domain Names "bracketing" "" (+ - - etc.) We enjoyed Historical "Stuff" - Thus everyone else must enjoy it also and will want to look up "Historical Vacations" and come to my new "History Lovers Vacations" Web site, Right!? -

I had been researching Web Site hosting companies and Web Site hosting "Packages" which include some features which help you submit your new Web pages to the Search Engines (SE's) and analyze your "Traffic" statistics to your web site.

I had figured out by then that I would need a combination of Site Hosting, build Web Site Traffic Statistics, New Web Page Submissions, Domain name e-mail, e-Newsletter list handling, plus a few other specific features.

No one seemed to offer all I needed in one package!

Having some knowledge of the hassel of trying to work with different Software Packages for the two "free" Web Sites I had already been working with, I was very concerned about individual components purchased seperately and "integrated" by me! What about compatability?!

It was at this time that I discovered some web pages describing SBI - Site Build It. See this "E-Commerce for the Rest of Us" Info page. (check out the great "step-by-step-system" Video Tour Link). Site Build It seemed to have a basic concept with a comprehensive integrated package (view "Build a Web Site that Works" Summary Information) that included all I had been researching for - Plus some Pre-Site Development Keyword research and additional Site Statistics Analysis features that I had not even thought of yet! (I had been researching this topic for over a month and thought I had been very thorough, but had missed this!) 

(And it turns out MOST Important!) SBI had a Special software Module, the SBI "Manager," which helps you do online research on Demand, Supply, and potential "Profitablilty" of Keywords that people use in the Search Engines -- BEFORE you choose and start using your all-important Site Domain Name! (I could have REALLY blown this one!!!)
("Manager" has now been replaced by an even more powerful and easy to use SBI "Brainstorm It" Module which does everything "Manager" did and much more.)

I hadn't even thought of importance of this! - and looking back now - its obvious!

  -- This was something that I had not been focusing on at all -- but which I could see after reading the comprehensive integrated package Info (view SBI quicktour) on the overall SBI Package was actually Basic and CRITICAL to my selection of the right
Domain Name and "Focus" of my new Web Site! -

I could have had a great looking web site which I had put a BUNCH of work into - "" --
and no one would have come to my Site because it turns out very few people search for Keywords or Keyword combinations containing "History" or "Historical" combined with "Vacation!" - I would have been almost the only one looking at my new site! - not very profitable!

People who know me know that I am very analytical. I normally research the Web, Analyze, and Re-Research before I make any major purchase.

Virginia discount travels vacation beaches TipSite Build It (SBI) has a detailed "Side-by-Side Feature and Price Comparison" page where they list the Features of the SBI Integrated Package and compare it with the major other Web Site Hosting "packages" out there. This page helped me "visually" make up my mind to go with SBI - It shows striking differences -- and the total price was much lower than the sum of the individual components I was looking at "Integrating" on my own! - All you suppy is Brains And Motivation ("BAM")

The Clincher!

-- But the thing that really clinched it for me, was the "How Regular People did it" - SBI Case Histories and Success Stories page. (And after that I even discovered about 300+ more Successful case studies with high "Traffic" numbers on the SBI Results Page - Top 1% Sites ) -
(Note: this long list takes a bit to load since includes Alexa Traffic Ranking Graphic for each Site in the long SBI list of top 1% traffic sites.)

They now even have a special page with stories of how "Regular people" have had success building Travel Websites with SBI

I purchased the SBI package complete with the detailed "SBI 10-Day Make Your Content Pre-Sell" manual on 6/19/04 at 1:11 AM. I tried to follow the 10-day step by step guide as closely as possible in the following days.

With the assistance of the information in the well written "searchable" step-by-step PDF Manual and the SBI "Manager" program which I downloaded, I researched the Demand/Supply/ "Profitability" of various Keyword combinations until I had looked at over 400 Keyword Combinations relating to "Vacations"

This online research using the SBI "Manager" told me that it would be a gigantic mistake to develop a new Web Site around Keywords relating to "History" and "Historical Vacations" -- unless I wanted a low-traffic "Hobby" site - which was not what I was after!

The research suggested "Beach Vacations" and Web pages focused around various combinations of those Keywords was a much better choice for the focus of my new Web Site. We had been on many Beach Vacations and I had plenty of Pictures, brochures, notes, and Materials and definately enjoyed the topic - So - was born!

I registered the Domain Name "" using SBI after a few days of reading in the 10-day step by step "Action Guide" and researching online using the SBI Keyword Analysis Manager.

We had just returned from an 8-day vacation to Virginia Beach in which I had taken over 600 Digital Pictures and had Guide Books and brochures from many area attractions, restaurants, State Parks, Resorts, and other points of interest.

Thus, I started out building the New Site with Virginia Beach Vacations area Info and Pictures. (East Florida Beach Vacation pages came next - I had to scan those pictures in - they were pre-digital. Recently added some Coastal Oregon pages.)

The Search Engines started "Spidering" the Site's pages!

As of 1/08/05, all but two of my Site's then 43 Web pages had been "Found" by the Google Search Engine. Many pages also had been "found" by 4 other major Search Engines thanks to the SBI Integrated Web Page Submission module which automatically submits to all SE's for you as per their required schedules.

Many of the Site's Web pages were starting to show up with good SE "rankings" - and the rankings seemed to be improving with each "revisit" by Google and other SE's to my site. (The SBI Keyword "Submit Spider List Report" page tells you when the Search Engine "Spiders" have visited your pages.) By early 2005, the Site had enough content pages and had developed enough "traffic" that it was approved by Google AdSense Advertising, the first step to "Monetization."

The Alexa Site Traffic Rankings are getting better.

The Site's Alexa Traffic Site Rankings are steadily getting better. The Detailed SBI Traffic Statistics Site data also shows "Traffic" increasing to all pages, with some seasonal fluctuations corresponding to the peak Vacation Planning periods. Traffic has not grown to where I would like it to be yet, but patience is a hard, but needed virtue in the Web Site Building Business!

Our Site's Current 3-month Average Alexa Traffic Ranking out of currently estimated 100,000,000+ Sites on the Web Worldwide.

Now Ranked in the Top 1% Traffic Rank of all Sites

(Note - sometimes have to click your "refresh" or <F5> button to get Alexa Certified Graphic to load)

This Sites Alexa Traffic Rankings have improved steadily to where we now rank in the Top 1% in Alexa 3-month Average Traffic Rankings out of now over 100,000,000 sites on the Web.
(-- Remember in Ranking, less is better!
- any Ranking # less than 1,000,000 is in top 1%)

Check back for more Traffic and Search Engine details as we grow the site and our SE rankings continue to improve. Your visits contribute to that Traffic and those Improving Site Rankings - Thanks!  Gene

Other Questions & Answers on Building your own Web Site

If you have any other questions about how I built this site or the Site Build It Package and how it works, send me a note using our Gene Seecann Sites
Comments & Suggestions Page and I will do my best to answer them. I was a skeptic at first, but after using it, am very impressed with all the features of the SBI Integrated Web Site program.

The SBI - Site Build It Summary Page has a fairly comprehensive description of the features of the SBI package plus links to other pages with additional Information. -- Also don't miss the free e-books with Web Site Building Tips below.

The Site Build Package has one BIG feature that I did not use much - and that would be expensive if you had to purchase it seperately - a easy to use SBI "need know nothing about HTML" Web page builder program.

Since I had already purchased and learned to use a fairly complex HTML "WYSIWYG" Web page Builder/Editor Program for my Church and Rotary Club Web pages, I did not need this SBI feature. I did use the SBI Page Builder Program for two pages, just to check it out. I can see how those who are new to building Web Pages would really appreciate and use it.

This link goes to a page which explains how the SBI package is now set up to smoothly interface with several major Existing HTML Page building software programs such as the one which I have been using for a while.

The SBI package performs some very important "Keyword useage Analyses" and reports those results to you at the time you upload your own HTML pages to your SBI hosted Web Site. This is a valuable feature for helping build a Web Site that the Search Engines will Rank well - which helps drive traffic to your Web Site.

Do a full Blog Site or a "regular" Business Web Site?

This link goes to a discussion of whether to do a Blog or Build a regular "static" Business Web Site? There is a lot of "Buzz" about Blogs these days, this article discusses the details of which is generally best for a Business Site.

How to become An Infopreneur

This page talks about another use of a SBI Web site that many are using now - How to become An Infopreneur and create and market your own Downloadable e-Books and Articles.

This page discusses how to easily set up your web site to sell E-goods or E-books (especially non-fiction "how to"), e-photos
(booming!) scans, niche software, etc. The whole "digital goods for sale" space is soaring. -- Almost Anything involving text or pictures can be digitized -- Set up your site and sell it.

Work-At-Home-Moms - WAHM's

Even some special Info and Tips for Work at Home Moms -"WAHM'S " -- Work-At-Home Moms thriving with REAL businesses, built with BAM (Brains and Motivation) - and SBI!.

Want to Sell Hardgoods? First you need an "Online Store" with TRAFFIC!

How about a Online Hardgoods Site and e-Store with enough Traffic to actually generate orders! (Being sold out and having to take backorders might be a fun problem to have!) Traffic is everything in e-Tail.

Free Business Site e-Books & Course Downloads

Free (now) Netwriting Masters Course

Free Downloadable Netwriting Masters Course. Want to sell more? Write better. Write smarter. First, write to PREsell. Then write to SELL. The *ONLY* course on the Net that shows you how to do BOTH. And it's free right now! - (that may change.)

Free e-Booklet Info Downloads

How about some more
Free Downloads with more information on building your own Web Site with Traffic and free tips for writing great content, etc.?

This link goes to a Page of Free Downloadable e-Books with Tips for building Top Traffic Web Sites - some great Free Downloads - toward the bottom of the page that I have found very helpful. (Also See free Netwriting Masters course above.)

-- How about e-Books for Small Business Owners, Working At Home Moms (& Dads), Service Sellers, Net Auction Sellers, Affiliate Marketing Sites, and Getting Started on the Net? There are several free downloadable e-books with Tips on building Top Traffic Web Sites that Work listed on this web page that I have found very helpful

Virginia discount travels vacation beaches TipTip 
- Don't miss this free download - Scroll down almost to bottom of the above page to see the Make Your Site SELL free Downloadable e-book trial! Make Your Site SELL!, generally accepted as the BIBLE of Net-selling, is now in its second edition! The greatly expanded and totally updated MYSS! 2002 is the ultimate "how to sell on the Net" reference book. Check it out while there is still a Free Trial Version.

For more Info on creating an affordable Business Web Site - See this Build a Business Website Cheap Site

Direct to our "Reviews" of Easy to Learn and Use Free and Cheap Web Page Editor/Builder Software on the above Business Website Building Site.


Please also send any Comments on this web site, Questions about building your own Web Site, or your Favorite beach vacations and places of interest in Florida, Oregon, and Virginia

Send your Questions, Comments, or Favorites to us on our Gene Seecann Sites Comments and Suggestions Page Thanks!

We are adding pictures, reviews, and tips almost daily somewhere on this site. We are doing our best to ultimately make this site one of your most Interesting, Fun, and "Picture Enhanced" Virginia Family vacation beach Information Sources. We appreciate your suggestions or comments on our Comments and Suggestions Page.

Back to Free Business Web Site e-books and Course Downloads above

Thanks for checking us out!   Bookmark us and come back soon to see what's new.  Gene

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