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Mariner Museum Park Lake Geese - Virginia Vacation Beach Screensavers I Pg 
Mariner Museum Park Lake Geese Virginia Vacation Beach Screensaver
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Virginia Vacation Beach
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Virginia Vacation Beach Screensaver, Wallpaper, and Printable 6 x 8 Picture Files - I


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To Virginia Beach Picture Album I - Local area Virginia Beach Attraction Pictures + Places of Interest Reviews & Tips

To Florida Vacation Beach Screensavers / Wallpapers

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This page has some free Virginia vacation beach screensavers, wallpapers, or printable Pictures selected from the many on this Web Site.
(This Page was loading too slow, so I moved some of the printable pictures to the Virginia Vacation Beach Screensavers II page.)

The pictures are set up to easily download into your Windows Desktop or Screensaver by the following steps.  (For those who need these instructions, it might help to print out the top part of this page to have to refer to.)

Newer link  Large High Resolution Pictures! See our Thumbnail images free preview box below the pictures to view and have option to download from over 40 selected high resolution large 1 - 4 Meg Images from this Site & our "sister" Mountain-Fall-Foliage-Vacations .com + our NebraskaTravels .com Sites.

If you want to skip directly to the Pictures - Click Here

To create a new Desktop Folder for Downloaded Pictures to use as Wallpaper, a Screen Saver, do the following steps

(If you know how to do this or others on the list - skip down - if not, We have numbered the small individual steps in case you have not done this before - but don't worry - it is easy - and often obvious from the pop up or drop down windows you will see!) . "

Create a New folder on your Desktop (or in your "My Documents" folder) - name it "Virginia Vacation Beach Pictures" or your own name.

Note: The explaination to follow is using a new folder on your Desktop Vs in your "My Documents" folder.

- To create a new folder on your Desktop:

  1. Right click on a blank area of your Desktop screen and select "New" from the pop up menu that appears.

  2. Then select "Folder" from the drop down menu. A new folder will appear somewhere on your Desktop with "New Folder" highlighted in the Folder Name Box.

  3. Type in "Virginia Vacation Beach Pictures" and Sezam -your New folder is ready to receive your downloaded Pictures!

To Download and save a picture from this page (or most web pages) to your new Desktop folder do the following:

  1. Select a Picture you would like to download from the group below and right click on it.

  2. Click "Save Picture as..." in the pop up box and then click the down arrow in the top drop down box. Select "Desktop" -- a list will appear with your newly created "Beach Vacation Pictures" on it.

  3. Double Click on your new folder to open it and then click "Save" to save the picture into your new deskdtop folder. The picture will be downloaded into your new "Virginia Vacation Beach Pictures" folder.

    (Note:The file name on the pictures on this page is a fairly long "Mini-Picture- Descriiption" so you should not have to change the file name in the bottom box to be able to identify the picture.)

    (Note 2: Other pictures used on this site other than the ones on this page are very small dimensions and also small file sizes so they will load fast on the Web Page. They will appear very "grainey" and blurred if tried to make larger and used for Wallpaper. If you see other pictures on this web site that you would like to see as 6 x 8's here and be able to download, please let me know on our
    Your Top Picks" & Comments Page.

To select a picture from your new Desktop "Beach Vacation Pictures" folder to use as new Desktop "Wallpaper:"

  1. Open the folder on your desktop and double click on the picture file name you just downloaded and the picture will open in "Windows Picture Viewer" for viewing - or printing.

  2. If you want to use this picture as your new Desktop "Wallpaper" -- in newer versions of Windows such as XP and some others, simply right click on the picture you have opened for viewing and a pop up window should open

  3. -- Select "Set as Desktop Background" and Windows changes your Desktop to the new picture you were viewing.

    (You may actually do this for most picture files you open with "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" in Windows XP and some other recent Windows versions.)

To change Your Desktop Wallpaper Picture back:

  1. If you wish to change Your desktop back to the one it was before - or another one in your Wallpaper folder -- right click on a blank area of your desktop and select "Properties" from the pop up window that appears.

  2. After a few seconds, a pop up window will appear with some "tabs" across the top. Select the "Desktop" tab - after a few seconds, a window will appear with a scroll down menu with a list of pictures that came with your windows and ones you may have added.

  • Select (single click on) a picture from the menu and you should see a "Preview" of it in the screen window. If it is what you want, click OK, if not select another until you find one you like.

    (Note: Unless you know what you are doing, I would not mess with the "Customize Desktop" button or the "Settings" tab.)

    Check Mark - Virginia discount travels - Vriginia Vacation beach TipsTip - If you have some pictures saved somewhere else on your computer -- say in the "My Pictures" folder in your "Documents" folder, you may select those for your Desktop Wallpaper by clicking on the "Brouse..." button and navigating to the picture and then selecting it. It will be previewed in the small computer screen window so you can see what you are selecting before clicking OK to change your Wallpaper.

  • So that you can easily create your own screen savers from downloaded or other pictures, we suggest that you consider downloading and using the following free Screensaver program. The link below goes to a detailed description of the small free Screensaver program as listed on ZDNet's Download area. The screensaver has received favorable reviews on ZDNet and I have used it and found it works fine and is easy to set up and use.

  • Check Mark - Virginia discount travels - Vriginia Vacation beach TipsTip You select which screensaver you want to use in Windows by using the "To Change your Wallpaper Back" instructions above and using the "Screensaver" tab Vs the "Desktop" one. The Set up options for Most Screensaver programs are available from the "Settings" button. Use the "Preview" button to check out your set up.

If you have a few great pictures from a Memorable Virginia Vacation Beach vacation, send us a note on our "Your Top Picks & Comments" page. Check that you have pictures and instructions on how and where to e-mail them to us will be e-mailed to you automatically. Thanks! Gene

Virginia Vacation Beach Screensavers - I

Be patient - Large pictures on this page may cause pictures toward the bottom to
load slow for some on dial-up connections

All approx 6 x 8 Pictures here are approximately 50K image files

These pictures are free to download and print or use as Wallpaper or Screensavers as long as the Domain Name text remains visibly displayed unaltered and readable on the image. Resale of these images or pictures in any form is a violation of our copyright.

Newer link  See our Thumbnail images free preview box below the pictures to view and have option to download from over 40 selected high resolution large 1 - 4 Meg Photos from this Site & our "sister"
Mountain-Fall-Foliage-Vacations Site + our NebraskaTravels Site.

Click here to go back to top for Picture download Instructions

Virginia Beach Boardwalk and Bicycle Path
Virginia Beach + Boardwalk and Bicycle Path - taken from Timeshare Exchange Condo Balcony

All pictures on this page are Copyrighted, but may be used with our Domain Name text on images as is  above - see above for free download & use instructions

Sir Christopher Wren Bldg - Virginia Vacation Beach Screensavers Pg
Sir Christopher Wren Bldg - College of William and Mary - Williamsburg, Virginia

More on Virginia Beach Area + Tips at our Virginia Beach - "Must See's" and Day Trips page

Clouds after Afternoon Shower - Virginia Beach - on Virginia Vacation Beach Screensaver pg
Clouds after Afternoon Shower - Virginia Beach

More on Virginia Beach area beaches + Tips at our "Other" Virginia Vacation Beaches page

Colonial Williamsburg - Governors Palace Gardens
Governors Palace Gardens - Colonial Williamsburg - Virginia

More on Colonial Williamsburg + Tips at our Day Trips to Colonial Williamsburg + Pictures page

Berkley Plantation Gardens on James River - Virginia Vacation Beach Screensavers Pg
Berkley Plantation Gardens - on James River - Virginia 

To more Pictures and Information on Berkley Plantation (opens new window)

All pictures on this page are Copyrighted, but may be used with our Domain Name text on images as is above - see below for free download & use instructions
(Preview & download large 1 - 4 meg high resolution printable versions of over 35 pictures on this Site at the "Thumbnail" picture preview box below

Mariners Museum Park Lake Geese - Virginia Vacation Beach Screensavers Pg
Mariners Museum Park Lake Geese - Newport News - Virginia

More on Day Trips to Virginia Beach Area Attractions + Pictures at our Day Trips from Virginia Beach Page

These pictures are free to download and print or use as Wallpaper or Screensavers as long as the Domain Name text is not covered, removed, or altered and remains readable on the image as on images above. Resale of these images or pictures in any form is a violation of our copyright.

Newer link  See our Thumbnail images free preview box below to view and have option to download from over 35 selected large 1 - 4 Meg Images from this Site & our "sister" US Vacation Site. (Link in preview box below)

We are adding pictures, reviews, and tips almost daily somewhere on this site. We are doing our best to ultimately make this site one of your most Interesting, Fun, and "Picture Enhanced" Virginia Family vacation beach Information Sources. We appreciate your suggestions or comments on our "Your Top Picks" or Comments Page

Thanks for checking us out!   Gene

 To Why Virginia Beaches? - Nearby Attractions & "Must See" list + Comments & Tips - Includes driving times from Virginia beach + suggested times to allow to view attractions

OTHER Virginia Beaches - Other than "the" Virginia Beach - in the local Virginia Beach area. Many scenic and interesting often "hidden" beach areas in and near "the" Virginia vacation beach!

SE Virginia Vacation Beaches - Includes SE Virginia vacation beach options in areas of: Chesapeake Bay, Newport News, Hampton, Cape Charles, Yorktown, Smithfield, and Jamestown. Some great family vacation beaches in the area!

Virginia Beach Rentals - Top Picks - Ocean front Resort Condo Reviews + Vacation Condo Rental & Timeshare Exchanging Tips - With Pictures & Info Links.

Read candid user reviews and get over 87 oceanfront and off-ocean Virginia Beach Resorts ranked by popularity with comparison pricing at this link: Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor for Virginia Beach Hotels & Vacation Condo Rentals.

Check Mark - Virginia discount travels - Vriginia Vacation beach TipsAttraction Discounts - Many discount travels savings available for those of all ages on family budgets who search them out -- "over 50ers" and the Grey Haired "Seasoned Citizen" set often can get some special discounts we talk about here! (It never hurts to Ask!) We have some discount travels ideas for "Under 50ers" too.


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Click this link or the image below to View a Popular selection of over 90 Previews of High Resolution Images from this Site and our two "sister" Vacation Guiide Sites - High Resolution, Non-Watermarked Photos available for download.

To High Resolution Photo Previews - (opens new window)
           Click Image to see full page View
(Link opens new window) - Click on any thumbnail picture to see larger image version + picture description & file size details - use your "Back" button to go back to the Thumbnails Preview page.

You can Preview Large size, High Resolution, Downloadable and Printable / Frameable or Commercially Usable 1 to 4 Meg .jpg file versions of over 90 of the special Favorite Photos on all three of our "Picture Enhanced" US Vacation Sites. Previews and "Comp" downloads are free. Check them out and you will find that the Royalty-Free High Resolution Photo Download purchase prices are very reasonable. Watch for more Pictures to be added. Free "Comp" download Photos are available - perfect for screensavers or wallpaper.
There are now 16 very popular "Free Picture Download / Screensaver / Wallpaper" Photo pages on our 3 US Vacation Guide Sites. Hope you view and enjoy our many pictures - and Vacation Planning Guide Tips too!

If you want to check out thousands of other quality Picture options in a easy to use searchable Data Base - try this link - Stock photos in any category, many thousands to choose from - over 2,000 new photos added weekly. Fun Site to browse. ("Adult Images" filter is automatically on unless you change the setting.)

If you are a Photographer and would like to sell your Images online at a VERY popular Stock Image Site, see more Info on setting that up at this link - Sell your Photos Online - You set your own image prices.

Newer link Lighthouses + Beach Sunsets & Sunrises Album - Some of the same High Resolution Photos as above available as Prints Vs Downloads.

        Tip Beach Vacation Travel Tip  Our GoUSVacations Page has descriptions, page listings, and links to all 4 of our US Vacation Web Sites

Vacation Photography Enthusiasts -- See our New page with 5 "Non-Technical" Digital Scenic Vacation & Landscape Photography Tips
Newer link on Virginia Beach Time Shares pg - 5 Basic Tips we have learned on How to Take Good Photos on Vacations + Travel & Vacation Photography Tips. 

Virginia Beach Picture Album - Local Virginia vacation beach Attractions + Places of Interest, Reviews, and Tips

PICTURES - Day Trips - Virginia vacation beach areas - Includes nearby Virginia Beach Attraction Pictures and Reviews

PICTURES - Colonial Williamsburg Day Trips - Great Virginia Beach Attraction Pictures + "Reviews" and Tips. Includes Governors Palace and Blacksmith shop + Historic College of William and Mary - The Sir Christopher Wren Building

Newer link on Virginia Beach Time Shares pg Blue Ridge Parkway Vacation - "Must See" driving tour on the very scenic Blue Ridge Parkway - "Add on Days" to a Virginia Beach Vacation. Photos and Tips

New Beach Sunset Pictures Wallpaper and Screensavers Page now featuring Oregon Coast Beach Sunset Pictures.

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  •  We appreciate your suggestions or comments on our "Your Top Picks + Comments" Page.   

    Thanks for checking us out! Bookmark us and come back soon to see what's new.  Gene

    Send us Your Beach Vacation Top Picks, Pictures, or Comments!

Please also send any comments on your favorite beach vacations and places of interest in Virginia - Possibilities Include:

Favorite area Virginia beaches area attractions and places of interest you found interesting or memorable.

Comments on great Virginia vacation Beach area Timeshare Resort weeks (preferrably beach front) you may own, have exchanged to, or rented.

Local Points of interest, Attractions, and beach front dining you have particularly enjoyed would also be of interest to all our "viewers."

Attached photos to go with the comments are always appreciated!!!!!

Send your Favorites to us on our "Your Top Picks" & Comments Page Thanks!
Please let me know if I can credit you with your full name and town, First name and town, or other preference.

Please come back and check us out as we grow.

Top Pick Books & Guides: Southeast Virginia vacation beach Guides + Attractions Guides.

Kids Travel Games, Activities, and Books - Reviewed - plus Kids Songs, and CD Sing Along Fun for all

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