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Below is a list of helpful Guides and Books we have used for Vacation Virginia Beaches travel research and as valuable Virginia Beach vacation guides.

Focus in this list is on Virginia Vacation Beaches and Attraction Information.

We have purchased some of these Vacation Virginia Beaches travel Guide Books "Used" on Amazon for very substantial Discounts! - some are even currently out of print editions that can only be purchased as used today. - (Many of the books now even let you look at several of the pages to be sure it is really an item you want.)

We hope you will enjoy and use them as much as we have for your next trip to Virginia family vacation beaches and the many Virginia Beach Attraction options that are available.

We show you books and CD's from Amazon because we have ordered from them many times and found them Very price competitive, plus fast and easy to look up items and to order from - especially after the first order where you enter your shipping info. It is not some unknown Company you have never heard of and don't know whether you can trust. 

We have found Amazon's Customer "Average Star Review" Ratings and item "Reviews" to be very helpful in evaluating items for possible purchase. They also have an extensive selection of heavily discounted "Used" choices for Virginia vacation beaches books. We have purchased several Used and always found the book to be in good condition.

We receive a small "Associate" commission back from Amazon on any items you order immediately after clicking on a link below. It does not change the price you pay for any item. It does however, help us pay the expenses of the Web site hosting fees and other expenses of maintaining this site. We appreciate your support! Come back here and click through for any later orders if you like. Thanks! Gene

Click your "Page Refresh" button if any item below is a general Categories list Vs Specific Item.

Definately - Our "Top Pick" Virginia Beach Guide Book - Great resource!

Interesting and very Comprehensive guidebook for Virginia Beach & Surrounding Area

The Insiders' Guide to Virginia Beach by Sally Kirby Hartman

- Usually Good Buys Available here on Used Guides

Another Favorite Virginia Beach Info Book - Enjoyable walking maps with local history and interesting descriptions of points of interest along the way.

Includes 20 walks in SE Virginia areas of Interest, Including: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, Jamestown, and Colonial Williamsburg.

A true "Pocket Guide" - Small enough to fit in your back pocket.

Often Good Buys Available here on Used Guides

5 star rating on Amazon

Walking Virginia Beach  by Katherine Jackson

Insiders Guide to Williamsburg by Cheryl Cease

Haven't personally used this Guide, but "Insiders" Series that I have used have been very good.

- Average Amazon Customer Review is
5 stars

Insiders' Guide to Williamsburg, 11th

by Cheryl Cease, Mary Alice Blackwell, Anne Patterson Causey

Out of Print - Limited Availability - Often Good Buys Available here on Used

Discounted Popular
Florida Vacation Travel Books
- New & Used Prices with Customer Ratings where available

Big Discounts on

Vacation & Travel Magazines
- Popular List with Customer Ratings

Frommers 2007
Everything for Florida Vacation Travel

National Geographic Traveler

You save 62% off
Cover price

Another Top Pick Travel & Vacation Magazine

National Geographic Traveler

Great Vacation Travel Info and Pictures. Focuses on travel primarily within the United States and Canada.

Not rated yet at Amazon, but 4+ Star ratings elsewhere.
We like it.


Virginia Travel Guides

Click your "Page Refresh" button if box below is a general Categories list Vs Specific Virginia Travel Guide Books.
Sometimes you have to refresh the page more than once to get the individual items to display. Items in list will change when refresh.

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Please send us any good Vacation Virginia Beaches travel books, guides, or travel game books which you have discovered that are not mentioned here. Send to us on our Your Top Picks & Comments Page. Thanks!

  • - I have found to be a great source for new and used Travel Guides and Travel Info Books for great beach vacations. This link goes to Search for Virginia Beach Travel Guide - Check out the Used Options for the really great deals! Or Search for "Kids Travel Games" for some good new and Used "Trip Saver" Choices. See above listings.

  •  To Reviewed Kids Travel Books, Activities, and Games + Kids Songs & CD Sing along Fun

    Below is a partial list of the pages currently available on this Web site for you to use in planning your next Memorable Beach Vacation.

    Why Virginia Vacation Beaches? + "Must-see" Day Trip List with: "Reviews," Driving times from Virginia Beach, and times to allow for Attractions

    LINKS - Attraction List Web site Info Links comments, and Link Tips Check Mark- includes all "Must See" web sites listed above + Virginia Beach & Virginia Vacations Info Web sites.

    $ To Attraction and Discount Travels Tips Check Mark for all ages page

    $ Attraction and Discount Travels Tips - Age 50+ Includes Car Rentals + special Tips for the over 50 "Seasoned" crowd.

    Virginia Beach Rentals: Ocean front Resort Condo Reviews + Rental & Exchange Tips

    Virginia Beach Restaurants - Top Picks of Virginia Beach Ocean Front Dining + Reviews and Pictures

    PICTURES: Virginia Beach, Boardwalk, and local area Attractions + Reviews, and Tips - Includes Cape Henry Lighthouse Pictures - There are also "Day Trips" and "Colonial Williamsurg" Pictures pages - see links on Virginia Beach Pictures page above.

    Site Map - Web Page List with descriptions - - Vacation Virginia Beaches Web Pages Info

    Kids Travel Games, Activities, and Books - plus Kids Songs, and CD Sing Along Fun for all

    Vacation & Travel Discounts Magazines - Over 1,000 choices at good discounts

    Have a Great Beach Vacation! - Send us your Top Picks when you get Back.

    Top Pick Books & Guides: Vacation Virginia beaches & Attractions Books & Guides. - This Page


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