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Favorite Kids Movie DVD Discounts & Music CD's the Entire Family
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Family & Kids Movie DVD Discounts
+ Kids Music DVD Discounts & Music CD's

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This is a list of tested Kids & Family Movie DVD Discounts choices, Kids Music DVD Discounts, and CD Music fun we have either used on Trips or Reviewed here as valuable additions to any Vacation with Kids in the Car (or on a flight - except may want to hold back on the sing-a-long songs!) - To help both the Kids and the Parents enjoy the trip!

We have purchased some of these Kids Movie DVD Discounts and Kids "traveling" music and Sing-a-long CD's "Used" on Amazon or new on Overstock for very substantial Discounts! - (Many of the CD's on Amazon now even let you listen to the first part of a few songs to be sure it is really a CD you want with the Amazon Music Sampler - see Tip below) Some good Family Movie DVD Discounts available. (See our Top Picks below)

We hope you will enjoy and use these Movie DVD Discounts Top Picks as much as we have for your next trip to Memorable family vacation beaches and the many Florida, Oregon, or Virginia Beach Attraction options that are available.

We show you Kids Music DVD Discounts, Music CD's, and Family & Kids movie DVD discouts from Amazon because we have ordered from them many times and found them Very price competitive. Plus they are fast, easy, and even fun to look up items and to order from. They are not some unknown Company you have never heard of and don't know whether to trust with your order.

Go direct to Kids Movie DVD Discounts and Kids Music CD & DVD Selection listings below

Check MarkTip - save selected Discount Movie DVD's and items you are just checking on in your Amazon "Wish List" area so you can easily get back to them later - you can even e-mail this list to others.  

You can even Listen to the first part of most of the CD Music Selections on Amazon to be sure it is a CD you want!
Check MarkTip - Use the "Amazon Music Sampler" option to listen to Song Tracks - It loads fast plus shows you the other tracks on the album you can easily click on and listen to. Also shows you other similar albums Vs only the selection you are playing as the other options do.

We have found Amazon's Customer "Average Star Review" Ratings and item "Reviews" to be very helpful in evaluating items for possible purchase. They also have an extensive selection of heavily discounted "Used" choices. We have purchased several items as Used and always found them to be in good condition.(They are covered by the Amazon "Save buying Guarantee" should they not come in good condition.)

We receive a small "Associate" commission back from Amazon and other online merchants below on any Kids movie DVD discounts or Music DVD discounts you order immediately after clicking on a link below. It does not change the price you pay for any item. It does however, help us pay the expenses of the Web site hosting fees and other expenses of maintaining this site. We appreciate your support! Come back here and click through for any later orders if you like. Thanks! Gene

Note: Click your browser's "Refresh" or "Reload" button if any items below display a general Amazon Categories list rather than the Item or group of items indicated. Sometimes you have to refresh the page more than once to get the items to display.

The Lion King DVD

Click Image above for Info + Amazon general Search Box - search for almost anything on Amazon New & Used

4.5 Star Customer rating
Used often available for less

To Kids DVD's Amazon Search

Compare to Movies at Overstock


Baby Mozart
Baby Einstein DVD

A Top Pick
This series gets rave reviews by parents & many educators

4.5 Star Customer Review Rating on Amazon

Used available for less

Click Image for Info + Amazon General search Box to search for other Baby Einstein New & Used on Amazon.
To Amazon Search

Several others in highly rated Baby Einstein series

Used sometimes available from about $3

Toddler Tunes - sung by Cedarmont Kids.

Also have several other CD's including "Silly Songs" and "Toddler Tunes. Has a few kids Religious songs mixed in.

Listen to this one using "Amazon Music Sampler"

5 Star Customer Rating

Sesame Street Platinum: All-Time Favorites

5 Star Amazon Customer Rating

Listen to this before you buy using the "Amazon Music Sampler"

Used often available from about $9.00

      4 - CD Set

Sung by Kids. Many popular Kids songs that Adults will remember and that Kids love. Four CD's great for long trips.

4.5 Star Avg Customer Review Rating on Amazon

Used often available from about $16

Compare DVD Movie Prices at Overstock

Shop movies at -- Including a few DVD's for Young and "Old" Kids for Travel on the road backseat or long airline flight viewing!

-- see Online Deals on Travel DVD Players at this link

   To General Overstock Shopping

Overstock for CD's, DVD's
(Generally Overstock will have a limited selection as compared to Amazon)

Shop movies at

Ratatouille (2007) - Amazon

4.5 Star Customer Rating

Can earn Disney Reward points on Disney DVD purchases

Kids DVD's & Kids CD's or search all New or Used from Amazon

Baby Einstein - Numbers Nursery
Baby Einstein DVD - Ages 1-5

A Top Pick
This series gets rave reviews by parents & many educators

5 Star Customer Review Rating on Amazon

Used often available for less

Search Amazon for Kids Movie DVD Discounts - Kids DVD's, CD's
Amazon Kids Music + Search All discounts.

Kids Songs" search choices available - Amazon New and Used.
Click your "Refresh Page" button if this shows a general Amazon Categories list Vs. a Kids Songs List. To Amazon Kids Music + Search All page

(List shown will change if click refresh) - click top bar for Amazon SearchBox

Please send us any good vacation Kids Movie DVD discounts which you have discovered that are not mentioned here. Send to us on our Your Top Picks & Comments Page. Thanks!

I have found to be a great source for new and used Music CD's, Kids Movie DVD discounts, and Kids Music DVD Discounts for great beach vacations with Kids. This link goes to listing for Search for "Kids Travel Game" for some good new and Used Choices. This goes to listing of Amazon Kids Music + Search All for new and used music CD's. Also can see listing and search Amazon for new and used Kids DVD's or search all products.

Below is a partial list of the pages currently available on this Web site for you to use in planning your next Memorable Beach Vacation.

To Kids Travel Game & Kid Travel Activities Top Picks page + Educational Game & Activity Top Picks

Newer link on Kids Travel Game page To Online Deals on Top Pick Travel DVD Players + Portable GPS

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 Vacation & Travel Discounts Magazines - Wide selection at good discounts

 Top Pick Online Merchants listing - Categorized by product type with links - discounts & deals

 Why Florida Vacation Beaches? + nearby points of interest and Day Trip List with: Tips and driving times from Cocoa Beach

Kids Movie DVD Discounts and Music DVD Discounts suggested Top Picks + Kids Music CD Sing Along Fun for all - This Page


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