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Virginia Beach + Boardwalk & Bicycle trail - Great Family vacation beach area  
Virginia Vacation Beaches + Boardwalk
& Bicycle Trail
- Large Virginia Beach
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Eastern US Vacation Beaches Guide:
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Virginia Beach, VA

Getaway to Virginia Vacation Beaches

"Must See" Attractions + Day Trips & Tips Check Mark- Page I

Includes Newport News and Yorktown Area

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Why the Virginia Beach Vacation Area
+ Southeastern Virginia Attractions?
Page I

Including Virginia Beach Lighthouses, Mariners Museum,
Yorktown Villiage, & Yorktown Battlefield

More SE Virginia Attractions + Day Trips including Colonial Williamsburg, Historic Jamestown, & Busch Gardens - Page II

Colonial Williamsburg Day Trips III - Day Trip Info + Pictures - Includes Governors Palace
+ Historic College of William and Mary.

Virginia Beach is in the Guinness Book of Records as "The World's Longest Pleasure Beach." Virginia Beach and the surrounding vacation beaches area offers the unique combination of an expansive sand beach, an over three mile long "Boardwalk,"
-- and a bicycle path - something for everyone.

A great reasonably priced family vacation beach destination.

Great for those who enjoy any or all of the following:

  • Enjoyable beach-side walks
  • Leisurely 4-wheeled or regular bicycle rides
  • Roller blading
  • Beach side carnival rides
  • Beach front ocean or people watching
  • Day Trips to Great Nearby Attractions
  • Other Nearby "Hidden" Natural Beach Areas
  • Or . . .
  • Just walking on the sandy beach and swimming in the Ocean

(It is too far north for more than a few palm trees, but other than that - a great family vacation beaches area.)

Average Virginia Beach Monthly Temperatures
  (Degrees Fahrenheit)Virginia Beach Average Monthly High - Low Temperatures 

Click for Virginia Beach, Virginia Forecast  
No, I don't work for the Virginia Beach Chamber of Commerce, but my Wife and I have really been impressed with the places of interest in Virginia -- and the Virginia Beach area and nearby vacation beaches attractions in particular!

Virginia Beach has 38 miles of various types of coastlines - from the clean and improved to the rough and very primitive. There are many small "Hidden" Beaches in the area. (See our Virginia Beach Area Beaches Page.)  

The surrounding area has many outstanding places of historical and scenic interest and great attractions within 45 - 90 minutes driving time for enjoyable Day Trips out from Virginia Beach vacation beaches.

 Virginia Beach Area "Must-see"
Day Trip
List Pg I with driving times,
Reviews, & times to allow

Newport News and Yorktown Area Guide - Page I

To Why Southeast Virginia Area Attractions - Must See Day Trips - Page II - Colonial Williamsburg Area Attractions + Historic Jamestown Colony & Berkeley Plantation with Reviews and Tips - (continuation of this Page)

Cape Henry Lighthouse -built 1719 - Long climb to the top - Great View! - Virginia beach area picture

(Original Cape Henry Lighthouse - Make the climb to the top - Great view!)

Cape Henry Lighthouse - Built 1791 At North end of Virginia Beach on Fort Story Military Reservation - Entrance at approx. 83rd & Atlantic Ave where Hwy 60 curves to west.

Old 1791 and "new" 1881 replacement lighthouses are within a few blocks of each other. President George Washington approved original construction.

Steps up to Old Cape Henry Lighthouse - Virginia Beach area picture

Climb approximately 170 steps from behind the LIghthouse gift shop up to base of Lighthouse with great views of the Chesapeak Bay and nearby shipyards, and another 189 steps up the spiral metal staircase to the top.

See Larger Printable version of this Picture at
Screensavers Pictures II page

<<-- Enrich your Digital Life with the Many Features of Media Suite 10 Ultra!

Good exercise and a reward of a great view at the top! Light is removed so there is area to walk around View from top of Old Cape Henry Lighthouse - Many Virginia vacation beaches attractions in areaand enjoy the 360 view which includes the "New" 1881 lighthouse next door, the old lightkeeper house, a modern electronic ship "control tower" and the ocean.

"New" 1881 lighthouse now has electric light vs oil burning lantern that needed lightkeeper to trim the wicks and carry approximately 600 gallons of fish oil a year up to the 18 lamps in the light. (See some old lighthouse lights at Mariners Museum below.)

Check MarkTip: Drive down to the beach nearby and look at the 1607 Captain Newport memorial. Also access to a interesting area of beach used for Military "landing" training with a great view looking back at both the old and new Lighthouses a few blocks away.

Historic Amphibious Naval Vehicle on Naval Base - Virginia Beach

Historic Amphibious Naval Vehicle is parked near Cape Henry Lighthouse on Naval Base

To Cape Henry Lighthouse Info Web page use tips + site Link

Mariners Museum -See USS Monitor Exhibit - Great Virginia Beach area vacation attraction  

(Mariners Museum - Don't miss the Civil War ironclad USS Monitor exhibit!)

Mariners Museum - "the Heritage of the Sea" - in Newport News - (about 45 minutes northwest of Virginia Beach)

Very well laid out and displayed maritime artifacts in a nice 550 acre park with a scenic lake and nice picnic areaMariners Museum Park - Mom and baby ducks who joined us for picnic lunch - Mom kept "quacking" at us like - "Feed us now!" (We took advantage of it for lunch - got joined by a Mom and brood of baby geese who wanted a handout! )

Take a free guided museum tour if you can be there at 11 or 1:30 - makes it much more interesting and guides tell you much more than is on display signs. Interesting ship models & figureheads + much more. This is really a great museum!

Check Mark
Tip: If you can't get the tour above --don't miss the miniture carved ship exhibit and the turret of the ironclad "Monitor" gunship they have raised and are restoring outside in the big tanks. Allow 2-3 hours for this interesting Virginia vacation beaches Attraction.

To Mariners Museum Web site use tips + site link

Yorktown - Nelson House - Check out the cannon ball hit in the east front room - Virginia vacations pictures

(Yorktown Villiage - Nelson House - 1730 - Check out the Cannon Ball Hit!)

Yorktown - Exhibits, Battlefield tour, and Costumed Interprerters. (About 80 minutes north of Virginia Beach) American Revolution Historical events. Enjoy the walk around restored Yorktown Villiage and the Interesting buildings. Be sure to see the 1729 Nelson House, Yorktown Monument, and 1697 Grace Episcopal Church. (Near Battlefield)

Start off with Visitor Center Movie and don't miss the self-guided BattlefielD driving/walking tour.

Yorktown Battlefield Cannons - hard to imagine marching straight toward those

Rent or buy the tape/CD guide narriation at the Vistors Center - makes it more interesting and fun. Allow minimum of 1/2 day.

Yorktown Battlefield Cannons

Check MarkTip: -- Details on Travel Discounts page - do this if
Age 62 or Older? - Buy ($10) & use Golden Age (Lifetime) Passport -- 50% discount for all Federal Areas

To Yorktown Battlefield Web site use Tips + Site Link

Colonial National Historical Parkway - Scenic pulloff near Jamestown - Scenic Virginia vacation beaches

(Scenic pulloff near Jamestown - Take a picnic lunch.)

Drive the Colonial National Historical Parkway Scenic Road between Yorktown, Williamsburg, and Jamestown.

Very scenic 23 mile peaceful drive on interesting pebble roadway with no painted road stripe markings. 45 mph or less. Many bicyclers. (Section from Williamsburg down to Jamestown has several peaceful Scenic pulloff areas overlooking the James river with river beach areas.)

Allow 2 hours if you go full length and allow time to stop at the many Scenic pulloffs and check out the great views.

Check MarkTip: Pack a couple of sandwiches, etc. with a bag of ice cubes from your condo in the AM. We ate a picnic lunch at a peaceful Riverfront overlook site along the drive. Room for kids to run -- great family vacation beach scenic point of interest that whole family will enjoy. To Colonial National Historical Parkway Web site use tips + Site Links

First Landing State park Chesapeake Bay Beach - Other great Virginia Vacation Beaches in area 

First Landing State Park - Virginia Beach

 -- Not really a Day Trip, since is right at north end of Virginia Beach - but a definate "Must See!"

First Landing State Park - Most popular State Park in Virginia. Can drive right by First Landings and not realize how big it is since it is hidden from the road! 2,770 acre mostly natural area sanctuary.

The mile+ long north edge beach area runs adacent to Shore Drive and fronts onto Chesapeake Bay. Plus on the south side, Semitropical forests with large cypress trees, lagoons, and 19 miles of hiking and nature trails. Many camp sites + some cabins.

See First Landing Info and pictures on our "Other" Virginia Vacation Beaches page.

We would appreciate your suggestions for "Must See" Virginia Vacation Beaches Day Trip Attractions on our "Your Top Picks + Comments" Page

LINKS - To Attraction List Web site Info, LINKS comments, and Web Site use Tips - includes all "Must See" web sites listed above + Virginia vacation beaches and general Virginia vacations Info Web sites.

Virginia Beach Rentals - Top Picks - Ocean front Resort Condo Reviews + Vacation Vacation Condo Rental & Vacation Timeshare Exchange Memorable Beach Vacations travel TipTips - With Info Links.

Virginia Beach Camping and Virginia Beach RV Parks - Amenities, "Reviews" and Top Picks

June Blue Ridge Parkway Vacation - - "Add on" 2 or 3 days to an affordable Virginia Beach Vacation. "Must See" driving tour on the very scenic Virginia Blue Ridge Parkway - A great peaceful addition to a Virginia Beach Vacation Getaway. Photos and Tips

Newer link Fall Blue Ridge Parkway Vacation - Colorful Fall Photos and Tips - another "Must See" driving tour on the very colorful Fall Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia - an affordable Fall Getaway Vacation or some fun "Add on Days" to a Fall Virginia Beach Vacation.

Virginia Fall Colors Maps - Curreent Peak Fall Foliage color maps & reports + Projected Typical Peak Foliage Color date Maps

Top Pick Virginia Vacation Guides: Southeast Virginia vacation beaches & Attractions Books & Guides.

Cheap or almost " Free " Time Share Vacations - Getaways with Time Share Tours

We would also appreciate your sending us any comments on your favorite Virginia vacation beaches and places of interest or Attractions in Virginia - Possibilities Include:

  • Favorite beaches, area attractions and places of interest you found interesting or memorable.

  • Comments on great Virginia Beach area beach front Timeshare Resort weeks you may own, have exchanged to, or rented.

  • Local Points of interest, Attractions, and beach front dining (Gene's big place of interest!) you have particularly enjoyed on your Virginia Vaction would also be of interest to all our "viewers."

Attached photos to go with the comments are always appreciated!!!!!

Send us Your Top Picks and Comments on our Gene Seecann Sites Comments Page. Thanks!

Thanks for checking us out -- Bookmark us or subscribe to our RSS Feed and come back soon and see what's new!

Plus "Like" us at Affordable Beach Vacations on Facebook and post on our "Wall" to keep in touch.
 -- scroll down on the page for some beach vacation photos.

Safe Travels. See you on the Boardwalk at a Virginia Beach Vacation soon! Gene

$ To Attraction and Discount Travels Tips Check Mark for all ages page  (also have a special Age 50+ Discount Travels page)

To Why Virginia Vacation Beaches - Must See Day Trips - Page II (Continuation of this page) - Colonial Williamsburg Area

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