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Current Site Statistics & Traffic

As of the end of 2010, this Web Site has been getting approximately 50,000 Site visitors per month in the peak Vacation Planning months and those visitors have been doing around 100,000 Site page views per month. - The current Alexa Traffic Ranking graphic for this Memorable-Beach-Vacations Site is below.

The traffic number will usually vary up and down from month to month - especially in our case with a seasonal Vacation Planning Site topic. Site traffic generally will drop off in summer and fall months when many people are ON vacations Vs PLANNING vacations -- or when parents are getting their kids back in school and started in activities.

Traffic picks up again fairly quickly after the first of the year. Online shopping sites will peak in December at the time our traffic drops off while everyone is shopping and involved with preparing for the Holidays.

We appreciate your visits to our Site which are a part of our Site's "Traffic!"

Web Site Alexa Traffic Ranking Info and Uses

If Web Site traffic information interests you, read more about the Alexa Company and how they compute their Site Traffic Rankings
on this page. Their Site Traffic Ranking numbers can even help you spot phishers and scammers since if you are directed by a suspicious e-mail to a web site that shows as having very little traffic on your Alexa Toolbar, it probably is not really or your Bank for example. (You can also have the Alexa Traffic Ranking Results displayed in your status bar if you prefer that option.)

Direct to free
Alexa Traffic Rank Info Toolbar download Info. The Alexa Toolbars and Extensions are available for Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Chrome.

I enjoy having the traffic ranking instantly displayed in my status bar for most sites I visit. It gives you an quick general idea of how popular the web site really is. Any Site with an Alexa Ranking of "less" than 100,000 is getting viewed by a LOT of people each month. (Remember, less is more in rankings!)

An interesting page on the Alexa Site from one of the top Tabs, is their Top 500 Sites on the web, ordered by Alexa Traffic Rank.

All Traffic Statistics and Traffic Ranking estimates tend to not be as reliable for low traffic sites where the data is not as reliable (eg. less than 10,000 views per month),

The total number of Web Sites on the WWW varies some, depending on whose research you look at, but this article has many interesting statistics on the Internet from 2010 -- including the statistic that as of December, 2010 there were an estimated 234 Million Web Sites on the WWW -- and that an estimated 24.1 million new websites were added during 2010 !

Article: Internet 2010 in numbers  Article Data Reference List is at bottom of article above the comments section.

Certified Alexa Traffic Ranking

Our Alexa Traffic Ranking number is below. We are now in the top 3% ranking-wise. Alexa now has over 2 million users which feed information into their Site Ranking numbers. Generally, the higher the ranking (lower the number shown out of now over 200 million Sites on the Web - as of Jan 2011.), the higher their accuracy. They are "the" recognized authority on Traffic Ranking Statistics on the Web.

How Alexa arrives at their Traffic Rankings is similar to how the Nielsen TV Program Ratings work with the results from their sample extrapolated to the overall Statistics.

Our Site's Current 3-month Average Alexa Traffic Ranking out of currently estimated over 100,000,000 Sites on the Web.

Lower # is better - our Beach Vacation Site is now in the top
3 % Thanks to our "Viewers!"
(Any Traffic Ranking # below 1,000,000 is in the top 1% of all Web Sites worldwide.)

(Sometimes have to hit page reload - Or Right Click & "Show Picture" to get the Current Certified Alexa Ranking graphic to display above)

     * See our new page for Descriptions, Links, and Page Listings for all 4 of our US Vacation Sites.

 Newer Link on - Florida Vacation Beach Rentals page Las Olas Beach Club Resort - Satellite Beach - Florida Beach Front Rentals Page - Las Olas Rental and Timeshare Exchanging Review and Tips

 Why Virginia vacation beaches? + Virginia Beach attraction Reviews & "Must See" list - Page I - with Pictures, Information Links, Tips & Day Trip Ideas + driving times from Virginia Beach & times to allow for viewing Attractions - Virginia Beach, Newport News and Yorktown Area Attractions
- Also Page II - (Continued from above) - Colonial Williamsburg Area Attractions + Berkeley Plantation

  Why Florida Vacation Beaches? - Florida East Coast Vacation Beaches including Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach Day Trip List with Tips and driving times from Cocoa Beach

 Why Oregon Vacation Beaches? - Coastal Oregon Vacation Beaches including Florence area Day Trip List with Tips and driving times from Florence Central Oregon Coast location.

 OTHER Virginia Vacation Beaches - Other than "the" Virginia Beach - in the local Virginia Beach area. Many scenic and interesting often "hidden" beach areas in and near Virginia Beach!
 To Florida Cocoa Beaches + Florida Satellite Beaches - nearby points of interest and Attractions List + Tips and Reviews  

Florida Vacation Beach Rentals Page - Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach Resort and Ocean front Timeshare Rental Reviews and
Beach Vacation Travel TipTips.

Las Olas Rental Rates and Request Rental Availability Form page - 3-day & up rental info and Rates available.

 Florida / Virginia Beach Time Shares Guide (+ All exchange areas) - Types of Timeshares + Pros & Cons: Fixed Vs Floating - Deeded Vs Leased - Vacation Clubs + II & RCI Time Share Exchanging Tips

Time Share Exchanging Vs Rental Costs - Do Timeshares Really Save you Money on Vacations?  With Vacation Rental cost comparison analysis + Tips on RCI & II Time Share Exchanges
 To Ocean Landings Resort - Cocoa Beach Rental Condos special Info and pictures page - More detailed Info on Ocean Landings Resort - Cocoa Beach, FL

Florida St. Augustine + Attractions Day Trip - "Must Sees," Tips, and Pictures .
Florida Vacation Beaches Guide Books + Discounted Travel Magazines- Includes Orlando Atractions - Top Picks and suggestions 

$ Attraction Discounts and Tips for Discounted Travels - Includes Car Rentals + others - Discounts for ALL ages!

$ Virginia / Florida Attraction & Discount Travels Tips for the Age 50+ Crowd - Includes Car Rental Discounts + others. "Over 50ers" and the "Seasoned Citizen" Set often can get some special discounts we talk about here!
Sample Beach Vacation Travel TipTip:   Age 50+? -- Join AARP for under $20.00 per year and go through AARP website to reserve cars for up to 30% Travel discount! - details on Discount Travels Page

LINKS: Here you can check out our top discoveries of tested and annotated free Virginia Beach vacations Information links - to research futher if you see some Attraction Pictures and Captions on the Virginia "Why" page above that interest you -- hopefully you can save some time (and even money) in getting set for your next visit to great Virginia family vacation beaches!

Virginia Beach Rentals - Top Picks - Ocean front Resort Condo Reviews + Vacation Condo Rental & Timeshare Exchange Memorable Beach Vacations travel TipTips - With Pictures & Info Links.

 Near the Beach Virginia Beach rental condos page - Resorts 1 to 2 blocks from the ocean beach - for usually slightly less expensive Virginia Beach Rentals. Affordable and " cheap " beach condo rentals.

Virginia Beach Restaurants - Top Picks for Ocean Front Dining + Reviews, Tips, and Pictures
Virginia Beach, Boardwalk, and local area Attractions  Virginia Beach picture album + Reviews and Tips - Includes Cape Henry Lighthouse Pictures.

Day Trips from Virginia Beach Attractions - Pictures + Nearby Virginia vacation beach Attraction "Reviews" and
Tips. Newport News, Yorktown Battlefields, and Historical Jamestown Colony Areas.

Colonial Williamsburg Day Trips + Pictures, "Reviews" and Tips. Includes Governors Palace, Blacksmith shop, & more + nearby Historical College of William & Mary. 

SE Virginia Vacation Beaches - Includes SE Virginia vacation beaches in areas of: Chesapeake Bay, Newport News, Hampton, Cape Charles, Yorktown, Smithfield, and Jamestown. Some great family vacation beaches in the area!

Top Pick Vacation Virginia Beaches Guide Books + Vacation & Travel Magazines: Reviews of Southeast Virginia vacation beaches & Attractions Books & Guides.

Kids Travel Game & Kid Travel Activities Top Picks page + Educational Game & Activity Top Picks

 Family & Kids Movie DVD Discounts + Kids Music DVD Discounts & Music CD's - Reviews and Deals - Top Picks Pg

 Downloadable free Virginia Vacation Beach Screensavers Wallpaper, and printable 8 x 10 Pictures - 4 picture pages

 Florida Vacation Beaches Screensaver and Wallpaper Pictures page + Printable 8 x 10 Pictures
To Oregon Vacation Beaches Screensavers - free 8 x 10 printable Oregon pictures & Wallpaper
To Newport Oregon Beaches and Attractions + Lighthouses Day Trip - Pictures & Tips.

Newer link for Oregon Vacation Beaches Pg Oregon Coast Beach Rentals - Time Share Oregon Beach Rentals, Oregon Coast Condos, & Oregon Beach Front Rentals + Reviews and Tips
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