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Links: East Coast Vacations + Oregon Coast

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    This is a list of helpful Memorable Beach Vacation travel research and East Coast Vacations links that I have found useful over recent years. There are many US Beach Vacations Links and Tips you may find very useful for both time saving and discounts on this page.

    Focus in this list is on Virginia, Oregon, And Florida Vacation Beaches. Those have been our families favorite three beach vacation areas over the past 25 years of trips.

  • Items marked "Must See"  listing on East Coast Vacations page are a "must see."  Items marked Newer listing on East Coast Vacations page have been added more recently than others.

Links:  East Coast Vacations & US Beach Vacations

Florida Vacation Beaches and Virginia Vacation Beaches travel planning

Now also includes Oregon Vacation Beaches.

All Links below were tested and updated as needed on 1/05/11 . - If you find any links that do not work or have suggestions for additions, please send me a note on our Top Picks and Comments page - Thanks!  Not responsible for Linked Sites content or function.
  • "Must See" listing on East Coast Vacations page Memorable Beach - Informative vacation beaches site specializing in Florida and Virginia Beaches and Attractions. Pictures, Links, and Reviews. - This site home page.

  •   Search for Vaction Rentals on eBay!  Try Search for "Virginia Beach Rental" on eBay Auctions and "buy it now's." (Tip: click the "Search in titles and descriptions" box for more choices)

  • Also try eBay search for"virginia beach condo rental" and " -- timeshare rental" in "All Categories" since people seem to file these Vacation Rental auctions in various categories - Careful who you buy from - Check Out Seller Info & feedback before you buy. Sometimes some good buys here!

    • Newer link on Memorable Beach Vacations Home pg "Must See" listing on East Coast Vacations page Google Earth - Free satellite imagery of World - Interesting and Fun to use! Visually "fly" across country to your house and zoom in from space to 3D views of buildings. Search for points of interest, parks, restaurants, and hotels. Requires short download and simple set up - check needed system requirements list 1st. -- TIP: Use the Showcase link to see a list of well known locations you can explore including 3-D & Historical Views, Ocean Tours, + Natural & Cultural Landmarks

    • Interval International - II Timeshare Exchange Web Site - can view II Resorts worldwide and take "Visitor Tour." Sometimes special discount travels coupons in their Member Magazine.

    • Resort Condominiums International - RCI - Timeshare Exchange Web site with member benefits and Resort listings - Can view pictures and Info an all RCI Resorts worldwide. Some discount travels deals for members.

    • Florida & Virginia Beach Time Shares Guide ( + ALL Time Shares) - WHY Timeshares? What are the Types of Time Shares. "Deeded" Vs "Right to Use" or "Leased." Do they REALLY save you Vacation Dollars? On this site

    • Time share User's Group (TUG) started in 1993 is a self-help organization composed of time share owners and other interested parties. Comprehensive Web site is maintained by Volunteers.
       TUG provides timeshare owners (and people considering a Time Share Purchase) with an source of consumer oriented information regarding time share resorts and the timeshare concept. Much useful Free Information on Timeshares on this Site. See Time Shares Info page on this site.

    • Online US Postal Service Vacation Hold Mail setup (some zip codes) - need photo ID to pick it up in person at Post Office when you return - or have it delivered.
        USPS ZIP+4 Code Lookup- US Postal Service - Zip for address - Also Change of Address Forms & Postage Rate Calculator.

    • AnyWho Online Phone Directory - Service of AT&T - Quickly Find Telephone Number, Address & Zip of anyone in US, Reverse Lookup of Phone Numbers, Toll Free Numbers. Lookup local Beach Vacation shopping addresses or restaurants in their online yellow pages.

    • "Must See" listing on East Coast Vacations page WebCam Central -- Check out your Vacation spots via "Live" pictures from Web Cameras located all over the world with frequently updating images -- some every 30 seconds! Site has won many awards. See under "Past Winners" for Panama Canal Locks Cam - can see ships moving through Locks. Can search for key words. Cams change often so may find broken links - most load slow first image. Interesting Site.

    • Travel Channel Online -- Now on same site with Discovery Channel. interesting travel topics + TV schedule

    • "Must See" listing on East Coast Vacations page Bottom Line/Personal Magazine - Great "Fast Reading" Magazine - Summarys of interesting articles from many topic sources - including Vacation and Travel tips. Also have Health and "Tomorrow" versions. Can sign up for 6-issue free trial and free e-mail newsletter at link above. My favorite "quick read" magazine.

    • "Must See" listing on East Coast Vacations page The brain games, puzzles and pastimes website. Family Games and Recreation. New word searches, Jigsaw Puzzles, & crosswords daily. Aso free downloadable "Brain Games. Something for all ages. Some suitable to print and take on Your Vacation to occupy the Kids in the Car. (Also see "Top Pick" Kids travel games to right.)

    • Find deals on Kids Travel Games and Toys on eBay search. Can find some hard to find toys here. (Tip: click the "Search in titles and descriptions" box for more choices) Check Out Seller Info & feedback before you buy. Sometimes some good buys here!

    • See more Kids Travel Game and Songs choices on our "Kids Travel Games and Songs" Page

  • Please send us any good vacation travel research web sites which you have discovered that are not mentioned here. Send to us on our Your Top Picks & Comments Page. Thanks!

    Below is a partial list of the pages currently available on this Web site for you to use in planning your next Memorable Beach Vacation!

    Why Virginia Vacation Beaches? + "Must-see" Day Trip List with: "Reviews," Driving times from Virginia Beach, and times to allow for Attractions

    LINKS To Attraction List Web site Info Links comments, and Link Tips Check Mark- includes all "Must See" web sites listed above + Virginia Beach & Virginia Vacations Info Web sites.

    $ To Attraction and Discount Travels Tips Check Mark for all ages page

    $ Attraction and Discount Travels Tips - Age 50+ Includes Car Rentals + special Tips for the over 50 "Seasoned" crowd.

    Virginia Beach Rentals: Ocean front Resort Condo Reviews + Rental & Exchange Tips

    Virginia Beach Restaurants - Top Picks of Virginia Beach Ocean Front Dining + Reviews and Pictures

    Virginia Top Pick Guide Books: Southeast Virginia vacation beaches & Attractions Books & Guides.

    Newer Link on Florida Cocoa Beaches Page Florida Vacation Beaches Guide Books - Includes Orlando Atractions - Top Picks and suggestions
     Kids Travel Games, Activities, and Books - plus Kids Songs, and CD Sing Along Fun for all

    Tested and annotated free Links - East Coast Vacations and US Beach Vacations - Travel, Vacation, Maps, Useful + a couple for Fun - this Page

    Looking for Something Specific?  Search our two US Vacation Guide Sites.


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