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 Kids Travel Game Activities + Educational Games - Top Picks

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-- Click these quick links to drop to Online Site Info & Comparison + the Links in paragraph just below for a specific Online Item Categories: Kids Travel, Travel Electronics, Air Reservations, Auto Rentals, Travel Magazines & other Travel Merchandise.

  • Amazon - search box below including Travel Electronics, Portable GPS,
    Digital Cameras + all other Product Categories
  • Expedia - do side by side comparisons with other major Travel Merchants
  • Hotwire -  do side by side comparisons  "   "     "   "
  • Orbitz  -   "   "     "   " ----   
  • Priceline -   "   "     "   " ----
  • Travelocity - do side by side comparisons with other Travel Merchants
  • TripAdvisor - candid User Reviews + Rankings on Hotels & Motels + Prices
  • Travel, Vacation, & Kids Magazines + Vacation Guide Books & Others
    (There will usually also be a general Merchant search box just below the specific product category listings for each Merchant type.)

  • GoDaddy - Cheap Domain Names + Cheap basic Web Site Hosting
    (There will usually also be a general Merchant search box just below the specific product category listings for each Merchant type.)
  • Online Backup - Free 2 GB + Unlimited Secure Automatic Online Backups

Online Discounts Categorized Merchant Products List

   Summary Merchant/Product listings below + Links to Our Top Pick Online Travel Merchandise Pages here on this Site - Categorized Merchant Products List:

This is a list of Helpful & Fun travel items & services discounts from Reputable Online Merchants we have checked out, reviewed, and in most cases, dealt with -- for items we have used or researched and evaluated for travel to Family vacation beaches. Our Online Merchants Reviews and Tips page.

My Wife or I, or family members or close friends have purchased items or services from all of these Merchants and found them to be
very price competive and to have excellent and prompt service.

You probably realize that we receive a small "Associate" referral incentive back from the merchants below on any items you order immediately after clicking on a link below. You may not know that it does not change the price you pay for any item. It does however, help us pay the expenses of the Web site hosting fees and other expenses of maintaining this site. We definately appreciate your support!

We would very much appreciate your adding this Online Merchants Reviews page to your "Favorites" or "Bookmarks" and coming back here to click through for later online shopping deals from our Top Pick Online Merchants for reviews and for great Discounts + we would definately appreciate your support for this Site. The Reviewed Top Pick Merchant List here will continue to Grow as we carefully review, test, and select. (Note: This Site will not get "credit" for your click-thru if you bookmark the Merchant Site and go there directly - ONLY from a click-thru from this page.) Thanks again for your support for and its now 120+ Site pages! Gene


  Current Categorized Online Merchants and Products List with listing of Items can get at Discounts through our Site Affiliate Merchant Links:

Click Category title to drop to Online Merchant Reviews Picks and Links below.

    Kids Stuff + Travel & Educational Games  (Scroll down for Movie examples)

    AreYouGame  Site has Game "Reviews" to help you choose.

    Huge Selection of Games and Puzzles categorized by Age, Interests, Favorites, and "Deals"

    Fun Site just to Browse!

    Brain Quest Sates Geography game from AreYouGame

    Brain Quest States Geography game - Age 8+
    in Listing of
    Kids Games at AreYouGame


    Many Kids Travel Games, Activities, Books, Movies, & Music for discounts at Amazon & Overstock + Kids & Family CD's & DVD's

    Search for "Kids Travel Games" for some good new and Used "Trip Saver" Choices.
    To Amazon Pg for all types of Children's Music + CD's & DVD's with search

    Two Top Pick examples on Amazon - To Amazon Search

    The Are We There Yet? : Travel Games for Kids
    by Richard Salter - a "Top Pick!"

    Variety of fun Travel Activities for children ages six to sixty. Well Illustrated - fits in glove compartment. Five Star Average Customer Review on Amazon.

    Used available from about $4

    Many other Kids Travel Games choices available on Amazon -- or search for anything on Amazon

    4 - CD Set

    Sung by Kids. Many popular Kids songs that Adults will remember and that Kids love. Four CD's great for long trips.

    4.5 Star Avg Customer Review Rating on Amazon

    Used often available from about $16

    To page of over 300 Amazon
    Kids Music Selections with Star Customer Rating Reviews

    Amazon has excellent prices on New and Used
     Kids CD's & Kids DVD's
     (Links open Search Page with many Customer Rated Choices)

    Some Movie examples

    CD's & DVD's

    Shrek 2icon

    DVD's from Amazon

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Two-Disc Special Edition) (2007) - DVD

    DVD's & CD's from Amazon

    Click Image for Info + Amazon Search box to search for other DVD's or anything New or Used on Amazon

    Ratatouille (2007)

    An hilarious and exciting rat race that turns the culinary world of Paris upside down

    4.5 Star Customer Rating

    Can earn Disney Reward points on Disney DVD purchases

    Search Amazon for CD's, DVD's
    - or whatever


    Vacation Guide Books + Vacation, Travel, & Kids Magazines

    To Search for Florida Vacation Guide Books on Amazon. -- Or search for variety of New & Used items from 31 product Categories on Amazon

    Two Top Pick Examples at Amazon
    (Scroll down for Kids Magazines)

    Our "Top Pick" Florida and Florida Beaches Guide Book - Great resource!
    - Sometimes Used Guides available here for less

    Definately - Our "Top Pick" Virginia Beach Guide Book - Great resource!
    Often Used Guides available here for less

    To Amazon Search for Virginia Beach Travel Guide - Can also check out the Used Options for some really great deals!

    Some Top Pick Magazine examples

    Get a FREE poster and FREE issue of Zoobooks magazine!
    Great travel activity for Kids of all ages

    FREE Elephants Zoobook! FREE Tiger Poster!

    Each Zoobooks Issue spotlights a different animal - great pictures!
    Magazine has won several Parents' and Teachers' awards.

    - OR -
    Ranger Rick for Kids Magazine

    For children ages 7 and up. Facts, photos and outdoor adventures that help kids hone reading skills and develop a better appreciation for nature. Amazon has free
    e-mailable Gift Cards.

    4.5 Star Average Customer Review on Amazon

    Travel 50 & Beyond

    offers tips on getting terrific
    senior discounts on airfares, hotels, rental cars and attractions

    OR - Check out
    National Geographic Traveler

    Has you-are-there photography.
    Focuses on travel mainly within the US and Canada. Personal travel, food and restaurants, good places to stay, adventure, ecotourism, & road trips.

    Amazon Search results for Travel & Vacation Magazines - So you can Compare!

    Click your Page "Refresh" button if below is a general Categories list Vs
    listing of Specific Travel & Vacation Magazines

    Sometimes may have to refresh more than once.
    (List will also change when you click your browsers "refresh" button)

    Click on black "Amazon" Bar to go to a Current Specials Page +
    to Search for all types of New & Used products on Amazon - Including Magazine Subscriptions

    Travel - Air Fares - Car Rentals - Hotels - Getaways - Cruises

       Can easily Compare your Discounted Vacation Travel Options Here Before you Decide . . .   Travelocity is biggest volume travel site on Net - easy to use Site + good deals.  Orbitz sometimes beats Travelocity slightly on price for certain flights. Orbitz is owned by 5 airlines. Expedia & Priceline are also often very competitive.

    To Orbitz Travel Site

    Compare with

    Orbitz Discounted Vacation Packages

    Cheap Airfare, Hotels, Car Rentals, Vacations, Getaways, & Cruises
    at Expedia Travel

    Last minute travel deals and vacation packages at!


    TripAdvisor for User Reviews and Comparison Deals on Hotels
    -- Almost Anywhere


    Read candid user reviews and get 90+ Virginia Beach Resorts ranked by popularity with comparison pricing at this link: Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor for Virginia Beach Hotels & Vacation Condo Rentals 
    Click on the Green "B & B/Inns" tab on above page for Info & User Ratings on Virginia Beach area Bed and Breakfasts and Inns.

    Read candid user reviews and see 26 Cocoa Beach Resorts ranked by popularity with comparison pricing at this link:  Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor for Cocoa Beach Hotels & Florida Vacation Beach Rentals. Oceanfront and non oceanfront listings shown. 
      Click on the Green "B & B/Inns" tab on above page for Info & User Ratings on a Cocoa beach area Bed and Breakfast.


    Travel Electronics:  GPS systems - Portable DVD Players
    Car Satellite Radios - search All Products - Digital Cameras

    Amazon Travel Electronics Deals - or search All Categories


    This link goes to an Amazon page listing of Travel DVD Players at discounted prices with Amazon customer Star Ratings + Can search for anything on Amazon.

    They have excellent service + very helpful Customer "Star" Ratings and Reviews + Frequent promotions of various types. Amazon Listing: To GPS & Navigation Electronics listing at Amazon - All Types + current special discounts  + can search for wide variety of new & used items in over 30 categories

    Some Portable GPS  & Travel Electronics Examples at Amazon
    (Digital Cameras below)

    Portable GPS

    (After using a Garmin Nuvi on 3 road trips -- you need one of these!!!)

    Our Current Top Pick Check Mark Personal Travel GPS -

    Garmin nĂ¼vi 770 GPS Navigator and Personal Travel Assistant

    - (What we would get today if we we had to replace our current Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS -4/11/09 - If you do not need Europe Maps, get the 760 Nuvi Model.)

    4 Star Average Amazon Customer Rating
    - over 100 User Reviews

    Note that if can you get your preferred Travel GPS direct from Amazon, often get free shipping.

    To GPS & Navigation Electronics listing at Amazon - All Types + current special discounts

    More Portable GPS Unit Choices below

    Portable GPS (cont)

    Garmin nüvi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

    This the GPS Unit we have used for over 2 years. We have been very pleased with it on three recent long road trips.

    4.5 Star Average Amazon Customer Rating
    - over 500 User Reviews

    We think that a portable pocket model GPS is a "Must Have" feature so you can move the GPS unit from car to car -- or use in a rental car or even carry with you on a scenic nature hike so you can always find your way back.

    You also can pre "Favorite" many of your POI and Lodging destinations ahead of time before leave home while sitting on your couch watching TV.

    (Also can use a portable model on hikes and for fun GeoCaching -- or just finding your way back to your Motel after eating out in a unfamiliar town!)

    Portable DVD Players

    Watch for User Ratings of over 4.0 + Reviews that say screen is sharp and bright - An important Feature if viewing in back seat of car in daytime.

       Photo Image CDs and JPEG image viewing are also handy features

      Bigger 9" or more screen is worth paying a little more for + much better when more than one view.

    All Brands Portable DVD Players Listing with Prices + Amazon Customer Star Ratings

     Newer link on Virginia Beach Time Shares pg Online Travel Electronics Store + Kids Travel & Educational Electronics - Discounts + User Item Ratings & Reviews

    Portable GPS Units - all brands
    (Click your "reload Page" button or hit F5 key to see some different choices)

    Search Amazon for Travel Electronics
    - or whatever


    Watch for a page to be added to this US Vacations Guide Site on planning your
    driving road trip vacation using Google Online Maps + your Portable GPS.

    Digital Cameras with Gene's "Reviews"  (+ "Fast" Memory Cards)

    Frankly I'm a big Canon Powershot fan, but there are some links to other brands below. My "old" Canon Powershot A70 took over 11,200 photos and was always just carried in my pocket Vs in a case before the "take Picture" button finally gave out.

    Amazon User Reviews are highly recommended for product that has been out long enough to get over 10 User Reviews & ratings. (I don't like being a "pioneer user" on any new product -- like to read other User's reviews and ratings before buy.)

    Our Top Digital Camera Picks! Check Mark

    Well User Reviewed handy "pants pocked sized" Canon PowerShot SX230HS 12.1 MP Digital Camera with a built in
    14x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and a wide angle lens + 1080 pixels wide HD Video with Stero sound.

    Has a F3.1 lens, so usually will need flash when shooting indoors.

    The Canon SX230HS also has a GPS Photo Location Tracker that puts the location where you took your photo in the photo image file so you can later view where your photos were taken on a map using Canon Software.


    Canon Powershot SX120 IS -10MP
    Has 10x built in optically stabliized zoom + good video capability &
    Good Amazon User Reviews!
    + is smaller "Pants Pocket" or "Small Purse" sized!
    (But, if don't mind a larger camera,
    check out the SX30IS with
    35x Zoom to the right!)

    The SX120IS has Image Stabilization & Face Detection Technology + ability to take 640 Pixels wide 30 fps videos. (Not HD)

    SX120IS has a less low-light optical image stabilized lens (f/2.8) than the f/2.0 aperture lens in the SD4000 IS Canon
    in the right column

    -- The SX120IS will take good no-flash pictures
    in many indoor light conditions,
    just not in as low light as
    can do with the SD4000 IS
    Canon to the far right
    for a slightly higher price

    This well reviewed camera is a good value for the features
    -- and will fit in your pants pocket or a small purse if "portability" is important to you.

    Like fact that this camera
    still uses easy to find
    AA batteries

    The newer SX230HS above also has a GPS Photo Location Tracker + a built in 14x Optical Zoom and
    1080 pixels wide HD Video

    See the larger SX30IS to the
    right for much more zoom
    + HD Video -- just not
    as "portable"

    A very close second Pick larger Digital Camera!

    MANY great features
    -- IF you don't mind the larger physical size!
    (New Model Oct 2010 - replaces SX20IS which had 20x zoom)

    35x Image Stabilized Optical zoom built in means this thicker and
    larger sized Canon camera
    is much too big for "Pants Pocket"
    size so will have to carry it
    in a case

    -- but imagine the versitility of a 35x built in zoom + a F2.7 Lens in the same camera!

    Canon Powershot SX30 IS-14 MP

    Full featured Powershot Digital
    - 35x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom
    Has a a f/2.7 Lens so will
    do fairly well on no-flash pictures
    in low light conditions
    (but not as good as a f/2.0 lens like the SD4000 below.)

    + It will take HD Videos and gets very good Digital
    Canon Camera Reviews by Users!

    The SX30-IS has a LOT of features for the money - Check out the great Reviews & Ratings + see the User comments !


    Less built in zoom (3.8x), but the Canon PowerShot SD4000 IS Digital Camera with a optical image stabalized f/2.0 Lens will take
    great no-flash pictures in
    low light conditions
    + it is very compact
    -- and it will take HD Videos!


    Fast and reliable reasonably priced Camera Memory cards that get good User Reviews
    -- Including Mine!
    "Fast" [100x] means that photos save faster to your camera so you can take more back-to-back snapshots & you usually use less batteries + photos copy much faster to your computer.

    Use the helpful User Ratings and Reviews to help choose your
    Top Pick Digital Camera

    Sony Digital Cameras
    (Click your "reload Page" button or hit F5 key to see some different choices)

    Kodak Digital Cameras

    Panasonic Digital Cameras

    Fuji Digital Cameras

    Search Amazon for Digital Cameras
    - or whatever


    Vacation Photography Enthusiasts -- See our New page with 5 "Non-Technical" Digital Scenic Vacation & Landscape Photography Tips
    Newer link on Virginia Beach Time Shares pg - 5 Basic Tips we have learned on How to Take Good Photos on Vacations + Travel & Vacation Photography Tips. 

    Cheap Domain Names + Basic Web Site Hosting:

    Cheap Domain Names to use for Business Web Sites or for Site or individual Web Site Page Promotions -- Easy to Remember and type in "Forwarding" domain names.
       eg:  is used to forward to the home page of this Web Site
    --  forwards to this Online-Merchant-Reviews page
       -- is used to forward to our High Res Photo Downloads.

    GoDaddy -- Cheap domain names + free "parking" and free "forwarding"
        Fast Domain Name Availability Lookup + Cheap Domain Name Pricing. GoDaddy is now the world's largest Domain Name Registrar and often has $9.95 or less Domain Names and sometimes even a $1.99 Domain for the first year with purchase of some other GoDaddy Product -- eg. Basic Web Site Hosting. They have a lot of "Add on's" they promote on their Site and when you purchase a domain, which helps keep their basic domain names and Web Site Hosting prices low.

    I have many domains "parked" at GoDaddy that are set to forward to various pages on my Web Sites and that are used as easy to remember "Forwarding" domains to use in "type in" promotions, word of mouth advertising, watermarks on Photos, etc.

    See Basic "No Frills" discounted (and even Cheap) Web Site Hosting Plans at this GoDaddy Hosting Plans Info page.

    GoDaddy has also recently improved their "Website Tonight" product which includes Web Site Hosting for a pre-determined number of Web Site pages, 120 "pre-built" fill in Site Templates to choose from, online easy to use Web Site Building Software, and even a online image gallery with over 8,000 free images. Their "Website Tonight" product has Web Sites sized from an "Economy" sized Web Site of up to 5 pages for $5.69 per month if paid annually, up to a large 999 page Web Site for about $14 per month if paid annually. This Link has more Info on GoDaddy's "Web Site Tonight:" -- Click and build your very own Web site online!

    Also see more details on GoDaddy and this topic about half way down on this "Select your Domain Name" Page (+ Links to a Cheap Web Site Hosting Info page) on our recently started Build a Business Website Cheap Site.

    Automatic Online Backup

    Backup your hard drive files automatically online: Free + Unlimited Versions at well reviewed Mozy - Mozy Online Backup. 2GB Free or $5.99/mo for 50 GB of Backup. It's simple, automatic and secure!


    Kids Travel Game & Kid Travel Activities Top Picks page + Educational Game & Activity Top Picks

    Newer link on Virginia Beach Time Shares pg To our Online Travel Electronics Store + Kids Travel & Educational Electronics - Includes portable GPS + Digital Cameras with Gene's "Top Picks" + Item Ratings & Reviews

    Family & Kids Movie DVD Discounts + Kids Music DVD Discounts & Music CD's - Reviews and Deals - Top Picks Page

     Vacation & Travel Discounts Magazines - Wide selection at good discounts - Top Picks

    Travel Electronics: Discounts
    on Travel DVD Players, Satellite Radio, + Discounted GPS - Top Picks

    Airline Reservation Discounts - Our Site's Top Pick Online Airline Flights Discounts Merchants and Auto Rentals Discounts - Online Travel Site Discount Comparisons.

    Back to Online Merchants Reviews Summary List above - Amazon, Orbitz, Overstock, Hotwire, Travelocity, TripAdvisor, Others

    Please send us your Online Merchants Reviews of any good online Merchant Sources which have good discounts and are reliable which you have discovered that are not mentioned here. Send to us on our Your Top Picks & Comments Page. Thanks!

    I have found Amazon (to Vacation Guides search + search all) to be a great source for a wide variety of new and used items at good prices -- not just books. To Amazon Kids Music + Search All

    Again - We would very much appreciate you adding this Online Merchants Reviews page to your "Favorites" or "Bookmarks" and coming back here to click through for later online shopping deals from our Top Pick Online Merchants - for great discounts & deals + we would definately appreciate your support for this site. The Reviewed Top Pick Merchant List will continue to Grow as we review, test, and select. (Note: This Site will not get "credit" for your click-thru if you bookmark the Merchant Site and go there directly - only from a click-thru from this page or this page saved or sent as an HTML e-mail.) Thanks again for your support for and its 110+ Site pages! Gene


    Below is a partial list of the pages currently available on this Web site for you to use in planning your next Memorable Beach Vacation.

    Newer link on Florida Vacation Beaches Guide pg Why Florida Vacation Beaches? + "Must-see" Day Trip List - with Pictures, Information Links, Tips & Day Trip Ideas + times to allow for viewing Attractions.

    $ To Attraction and Discount Travels Tips Check Mark for all ages page

    $ Attraction and Discount Travels Tips - Age 50+ Includes Car Rentals + special Tips for the over 50 "Seasoned" crowd.

    Site Map - Web Page List with descriptions - - Vacation Virginia Beaches Web Pages Info

    Newer link on Memorable Beach Vacations Home pg Discounts on Travel DVD Players, Satellite Radio, + Discounted GPS

    Top Pick Florida Vacation Guide Books: Vacation Florida beaches & Attractions Books & Guides.

    Find some Online Shopping Bargains with these Online Discount Store Deals and Online Merchant Store Shopping Discounts. Save shopping dollars and do Online Shopping Cheap -- often with free shipping!

    Search from Home for some Cheap Online Shopping Sites at these Discount Online Merchant Store Sites. Online Shopping Mall USA for some Online Shopping Cheap Deals.

    Online Merchants Reviews - Our Site's Top Pick Online Merchants - Categorized - this Page

    We appreciate your Web site or other suggestions or comments which you can send on our Your Top Picks + Comments Page. 

    Thanks for checking us out -- Come back soon and see what's new!   Gene

    To Memorable-Beach-Vacations Home pg - From Florida Vacation Beaches Guide Pg 
    To Home Page of Memorable-Beach-Vacations .com - East Coast beaches & family vacation beach and attraction information + Virginia and Florida Vacation Beaches Guide Book tips


    Looking for Something Specific?  Search our Site.


    To top of page - Travel Links - East Coast Vacations To top of this Page - Online Merchants Reviews - Categorized Products Listing + some Top Picks and "Reviews"