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Cocoa Beach Sunrise - used Rule of Thirds

by Gary Sandon
(Cocoa Beach, FL)

Cocoa Beach Sunrise from balcony

Cocoa Beach Sunrise from balcony

Used of one of the basic Tips in the article, the Rule of Thirds Tip #1 for this photo where used it to locate the focal point in this ocean Sunrise at Cocoa Beach.

The photo was taken from our balcony a couple of weeks ago when we rented a condo at Ocean Landings Timeshare Resort to celebrate our Anniversary. (We now live in Cocoa Beach, but unfortunately not ON Cocoa Beach!)

Sailboats parked on the beach in front of the oceanfront buildings must be common, since notice some sailboat masts sticking up in some of Gene's Photos of Cocoa Beach from the Balcony of their Ocean Landings timeshare Condo in the Web Site photos.

Probably should have gotten more of the close beach and the entire sailboat in the photo since everyone who has looked at the photo so far has asked what the pole sticking up is.

Took several photos of this changing sunrise spaced about 30 seconds apart -- tip #2 in article. Was glad had taken the earlier + later sunrise photos, since in the later photos the red cloud colors were not as bright and the red reflection on the beach was gone.

We enjoyed our Anniversary on Cocoa Beach and came back with some great photos to remember our special time on the beach. Thanks for the Photo Tips!

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Sunrises at Cocoa Beach and the Rule of 3rds
by: Gene Seecann


Thanks for your comments and Cocoa Beach Sunrise Photo! Glad you could put the Rule of 3rds to use!

Sunrise is one of the best times of day for a walk on Cocoa Beach (or for a balcony ocean sunrise shot!)-- often colorful sunrises over the Atlantic Ocean, and only the early risers on the beach.

The Rule of Thirds is "Basic" -- but I think is the most important Rule for taking enjoyable and interesting photos of many types!

As I said in the article, I leave my "Thirds Grid" turned on all of the time on my digital camera viewing screen to remind me to use it, and to help set the photo focal point on one of the thirds lines or intersect points.

Glad you and your Wife had a memorable Anniversary at Cocoa Beach!

Thanks again for your photo & comments. See you on the beach, Gene Seecann

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