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Grills - Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant Top Pick
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Waterfront Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant
Cocoa Beach area Top Pick

   Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant
Dining - Top Picks

   Waterfront: Oceanfront & Riverfront
Florida Cocoa Beach Restaurant Favorites
(Includes Port Canaveral Area Restaurants)

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 Oceanfront - Waterfront - Riverfront 
Cocoa Beach Florida Restaurants
- Including nearby Port Canaveral area Dining overlooking
the Harbor & Cruise Ships




Reviews and Check Mark - East coast vacation travel links tips Tips for "on the Water" Top Pick Restaurants in or near Cocoa Beach, FL

ven some links to printable discount coupons!

Check Mark - East coast vacation travel links tips Map pre-set-up Link below showing Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant locations. Print your own handy Restaurant Locations Map!

The Cape Canaveral Port area is home to two of our favorite "on the Water" north Cocoa Beach Restaurants. Actually both waterfront restaurants are about 10 minutes north of Cocoa beach and "technically" in Port Canaveral -- but it is often referred to as the Cocoa Beach Port.

The Cape Canaveral Port is an interesting area since is where some major Cruise lines including Carnival and Disney now dock some of their Cruise ships. Also several Gambling Cruise Ships and Fishing Charter Boats Dock there.

Check Mark - East coast vacation travel links tips Tip - Sometimes you will get lucky and see one of them depart or come in while eating at one of our four Top Pick Waterfront Port Canaveral restaurants below. (AKA: the Cocoa Beach Port) All the restaurants are actually in Port Canaveral, FL on the north edge of Cocoa Beach.)

Four great Waterfront Cape Canaveral Port Restaurants!  (Port Canaveral - some call it the Cocoa Beach Port)

Enter the Port Canaveral Restaurants area off of AIA Hwy on George King Blvd at the Stop Light on the bend as AIA turns west. Turn off of George King Blvd on Dave Nisbet Dr. to get to Milliken's and Rusty's -- turn off on Flounder St. to get to Grills and Fishlips. Glen Cheek Drive runs beside the harbor, and by all four waterfront restaurants listed below that overlook the Harbor area.
  Grills restaurant View of Port area - Cocoa Beach - Atlantic Ocean
Grills Restaurant View of Cocoa Beach Port Area

There are some great waterfront restaurant dining choices at the Cape Canaveral Port area. You can watch the big and small ships come and go as you have a liesurely lunch at
Grills Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar at 505 Glen Cheek Drive, Port Canaveral, FL 32920
- (321) 868-2226

Grills gets great "user reviews" from almost everyone on good food, service, and views, including us. Grills is our favorite Restaurant in the Cocoa Beach Area - even for breakfast!
Grills Restaurant Sign - Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant Top Pick
To Grills Restaurant Web Site with Menu, Map, and Pictures of Views from restaurant
Check Mark - East coast vacation travel links tips Tip - Sometimes even a printable discount coupon!

 Fishlips Restaurant Sign - Cape Canaveral Port area 

A second great Waterfront Restaurant for good food and great views is
Fishlips Restaurant 2nd floor covered dining deck at 610 Glen Cheek Drive, Port Canaveral, FL - (321) 784-4533 (one block west of Grills) 

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To Fishlips Restaurant Home page with Map and Menu links.
- (Grills Restaurant is one block east on the map shown.)

Check Mark - East coast vacation travel links tips Tip - Grills and Fishlips both have bands some days/eves - check their web site links for details. Reservations are a must at both in evenings.

Fishlips restaurant view of docked cruise ships from 2nd floor open dining deck

Fishlips Restaurant View of docked cruise ships from 2nd floor dining deck

Grills & Fishlips are both Top area Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant "on the water" Picks. Good reasonably priced food, friendly service -- and great waterfront views!  Grills even serves breakfast now.

(Both Grills and Fishlips are technically located in Cape Canaveral, FL and are within a block of each other in the Florida Cocoa Beach Port area - see map link above.)

 Rusty's Seafood Restaurant Sign   

Rusty's Seafood Oyster Bar - 628 Glen Cheek Drive - Port Canaveral, Florida 32920
- (321) 783-2033 (just west of Fishlips & 1+ block W of Grills)

Just west of Fishlips above on the same street beside Harbor. Rustys and Grills are both very popular with the "locals," which should tell you something. Rusty's has more of a "Bar" emphasis than Grills, which may make it less appropriate for families. Good seafood at reasonable prices + good service. This link goes to the Rusty"s Seafood Oyster Bar web site with Menus, Specials, and hours. Another Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant favorite.

Newer link on this page - June, 2011
View of Cruise Ships in Harbor from Millikens Reef outdoor dining deck.
View from 2nd floor outdoor dining deck at Milliken's Reef Restaurant - Cape Canaveral Port - Just North of Cocoa Beach, Florida

Milliken's Reef Restaurant‎,
683 Dave Nisbet Drive,
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
  (321) 783-0100  - About a block west of Rusty's Seafood Bar, above - about 2 blocks west of Fishlips on the rounded corner of Glen Cheek drive and Dave Nisbet Drive.

West of both Fishlips and Rusty's on Glen Cheek Drive on the corner where it bends south into Dave Nisbet Drive. Great views of the big Cruise Ships docked in the Harbor -- or if you get lucky -- coming and going! Plus the small Fishing boats coming and going. You can sometimes luck out and see a Big Disney or Carnival Cruise ship head out to the ocean from the Port Canaveral Harbor about 4 o clock in the afternoon 2 or 3 days a week according to the "locals." Call and ask a hostess at Millikens Reef their best estimate of the day and time the next Cruise ship will come in or go out if you want a "ringside view" of the process.

Milliken's Reef Restaurant Sign
Milliken's Reef Restaurant Sign

Prices are a little higher than at Grills & Rusty's, but Milliken's close up view of the big Cruise Ships + the view of the charter fishing boat and other small boat activity coming and going is spectacular. We have always had good food and excellent service at Milliken's Reef. Check the Milliken's Reef Restaurant Web Site at:  
Millikens is now one of our Top Pick Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant choices for Lunch.

Cocoa Beach Pier - Oceanfront Restaurants - Approximately 1/2 Mile North of 520 - east of A1A - 401 Meade Avenue, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

800 foot long fishing pier with many restaurants, bars, rentals, and shops plus beach access.

Take a fun Florida -- or wherever -- US mini-Vacation. Check out the highly discounted Getaway Vacation Lodging Packages on our Timeshare Vacation Promotions page

Check Mark - East coast vacation travel links tips Printable Cocoa Beach FL Restaurants Map - This Aerial Cocoa Beach Restaurant Locator Map Link goes to a Google "Local" Aerial Map with a listing of most of the Restaurants in the Port Canaveral and north Cocoa Beach Area. Print your own handy Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant Locations Map! (Check Mark - East coast vacation travel links tips Tip Before you Print, click and drag the map view up and to the right so more restaurant locations will show in your printed map.)

Click on a red "teardrop" in the listing on the left to jump to that location on the map. Then double-click to the side of the base of the "teardrop" (NOT on teardrop!) to recenter the map. -- then click "+" to zoom in.
Click "Hybrid" view to see Satellite View with a street map superimposed. Can see how close restaurant is to waterfront. Useful and fun.

Check Mark - East coast vacation travel links tips Tip - Remember that double-click on map re-centers it to that point. Can single click on map and then use keyboard arrow keys to more precisely move map around than "jump" arrows on map, however, double-click to re-center seems to be easiest to shift map when zooming in.

Atlantic Ocean Grille on Cocoa Beach Pier is a good choice for a view of the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Canaveral from Pier high above the ocean.

Check Mark - East coast vacation travel links tips Tip - Get seat at one of north windows for a great view of a launch if one is due to go off. (Launches are usually listed in local paper or on the NASA Cable TV Channel.)

Atlantic Ocean Grille opens at 5 PM. Good Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant option.  To Atlantic Ocean Grille Home page - click the "Restaurants & Bars" button at top for other Restaurant & Bar options at the Cocoa Beach Pier. Some recent "mixed" reviews on the Atlantic Ocean Grill, but are still leaving it as a Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant favorite. 

Other Cocoa Beach Oceanfront Restaurants

Coconuts on the Beach - 2 Minuteman Causeway, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 - (321) 784-1422
New - Share your Beach Front Rental "Review" Share your own Cocoa Beach Area Favorite Waterfront Restaurant "Rave" or "Review" on This Favorite Cocoa Beach Restaurant Reviews Page.

+ See the Restaurant "Raves and "Reviews" Other Site Viewers have shared.

Coconuts is an oceanfront restaurant that is very popular "mingling" spot with the "locals." They have direct Ocean beach access (complete with sand rinse off shower) and occasional bikini contests, so seemed to have a fair number of bikini-clad customers the early afternoon we were there - and lots of guys checking out the bikinis.

Coconuts on the Beach has inside dining and bar plus outside oceanfront dining and bar options. Some covered outside seating
area. Live entertainment nightly plus daily food and drink specials. They have won some local awards. You can see some pictures of the beach view at the Coconuts on the Beach web site - the strip of beach in front of Coconuts appears to be a very busy area of Cocoa Beach!

We had a late lunch there and found the food and service to be good, and the ocean view great. If you don't "mind" the bikinis (or your wife or girlfriend doesn't mind your occasional attention "drift" as one walks by), would rate Coconuts on the Beach as
a Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant Top Pick for lunch.

Riverfront Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant Top Picks

 Lobster Shanty Sign - Cocoa Beach Restaurant Top Pick  

Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty -
2200 S. Orlando Ave., Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 - (321) 783-1350

One of our Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant favorites for Riverfront on-the-water dining in the evening.

The Lobster Shanty Restaurant overlooks the Banana River for beautiful riverfront sunsets and offers good food at reasonable prices. We have always received good service there. Check out their Early Bird Specials and hours at their web site link below.
 Lobster Shanty Deck - Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant Favorite  

Cocoa Beach Lobster Shanty Restaurant Deck & river view

There is a large glass window area overlooking the big outdoor dining deck and River, plus a walkway out onto the river where you can see many pelicans perched on poles.

Check Mark - East coast vacation travel links tips Tip - There are some large schools of carp right next to the dock and a couple of vending machines with fish food that you can throw out and start a "feeding frenzy." Kids and adults loved it!

This link goes to the Lobster Shanty Web site for Cocoa Beach. They are a chain and have several restaurants in several Florida and other locations. The Lobster Shanty is a definate family Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant Top Pick.

Sunset Cafe - Waterfront Grill and Bar - 500 West Cocoa Beach Causeway (520), Cocoa Beach, FL - (321) 783-8485
 Sunset Cafe - West Side Seating + Dock  

Sunset Cafe - Riverfront side of the Waterfront outside covered seating area + boat dock

You can come to Sunset Cafe by Boat or by Car since have boat dock on waterfront (west) side of restaurant and car parking in front or rear. Casual dining. Great view of the Intercoastal waterway and sunsets over the water. Inside dinining plus a large covered outside dining area. Early Bird meal specials, daily 4-6 happy hour + live entertainment in outside area.

New - Share your Beach Front Rental "Review" Share your own Cocoa Beach Area Favorite Waterfront Restaurant "Rave" or "Review" on This Favorite Cocoa Beach Restaurant Reviews Page.

+ See the Restaurant "Raves and "Reviews" Other Site Viewers have shared.

We had good food at reasonable prices + a great view of the Intercoastal waterway, later sunsets, and the boat traffic. We were too early for a sunset but just before the end of the early bird special time which ended at 6pm. The special was good. We would rate the Sunset Cafe Waterfront Grill and Bar as a Cocoa Beach, FL Restaurant Top Pick.

Great Destinations, Great Memories from $69

Nearby to West Historic Cocoa Village Restaurant favorites + Shopping
Also see our nearby Cocoa Village Restaurant Top Pick page, plus an "On the River" favorite just south of Cocoa on Hwy 1. Drive west across the Intercoastal waterway over to historic Cocoa Villiage on Hwy 520 for some fun shopping before and after lunch + check out some interesting Historical Cocoa Village buildings (and a directory of shops). Then drive down Hwy 1 south of Cocoa a few miles for some relaxing evening waterfront dining on the Indian River.

Nearby to South Riverfront Melbourne Florida Restaurant Top Picks

Some great Seafood Restaurant choices on our
Newer link Waterfront Melbourne Florida Restaurant Top Picks page.

Check Mark - East coast vacation travel links tips Tip - Early in your stay, pick up a copy of the small free SEE Space Coast Magazine + MAP. It has a detailed listing of Attractions, Dining, Shopping, Nature Areas, Fishing, Parks - AND -
. . . a great easy-to-read local map of the Cocoa - Satellite Beach area and the Inter-Costal Waterway Causeway Bridges + Attraction locations! An unusually helpful map!

-- Also many Florida Cocoa Beach & Cocoa Beach Port / Port Canaveral area Discount Coupons!  
(However, don't let coupons make your selections for you as to what restaurants and attractions to visit - That is their intent, and often the "biggest" discount coupons go to the "worst" attractions and restaurants. Check out our Cocoa Beach Attraction "Reviews" and Tips for "pre-screened" Attraction, Point of Interest, and Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant ideas.

  Day Trips from Cocoa Beach + Cocoa Beach area Attractions and Tips Check Mark - East coast vacation travel links tips

To Florida Cocoa Beach Attractions, Info and Tips 

To a page of "Must Sees," Tips, and Pictures of a Florida St. Augustine Attractions Day Trip.

Please send us any good "on the water" Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant Favorites, points of interest, or Attractions which you have discovered that are not mentioned here. Any good or bad experiences you have had with any of our area waterfront Cocoa Beach Restaurant listings would also be appreciated. Or, just send us your general Comments on our Comments, Suggestions, & Favorites Page. Thanks!

To Florida Cocoa Beaches + Florida Satellite Beaches - nearby points of interest and Vaction Attractions List + Tips and Reviews

Florida St. Augustine Attractions Day Trip - to "Must Sees," Tips, and Pictures .

Florida Vacation Beaches Rentals - Reviews - Cocoa Beach & Satellite Beach - Resort and Timeshare Rental Reviews and Tips.

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This Page - Waterfront Cocoa Beach FL Restaurant Top Picks - Reviews, Pictures of the Views & Tips

Waterfront Melbourne Florida Restaurant Top Picks page - great Seafood Restaurant choices + some pictures & Tips

Thanks for checking us out -- Come back soon and see what's new at Florida Vacation Beaches!   Gene

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