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North Landing Beach Campground/ RV Camping

by Matt
(Manassas VA)

My family has stayed at this campground several times - the last time was in 2007. We really enjoyed our stays at NLB Campground. We tent camped there so I'm not familiar with the quality of the RV/Camper section.
-The primitive tent sites are right on the water, next to a very nice beach. The tent sites are not "secluded", so if you don't like to be right next to others, then this might not be the spot for you (in defense, the campground was not super crouded during any of our visits, so we never felt pressed for space or privacy.)
-The water is very shallow with no waves and an adult can walk at least 50-75 yards (maybe further) out into the water before it starts getting too deep. The beach is great for kids!
-The bathhouses were very clean - cleaned daily. Those facilities are a 5-10 minute walk from the tent sites.
-They have a nice in-ground pool with a life guard.
-Camp store is adequate and if they don't have what you want, you're only 20-30 minutes to walmart/grocery stores.
-My wife said that her only complaint was that they didn't have any souvinier magnets for the fridge. :)

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