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Wakulla Suites - stay was anything but sweet!!

by Seymour

The moldy smell was overwhelming when we opened the door to the two bedroom suite. On the positive side, the suite was large, consisting of a living room, small kitchen and 2 bedrms.

On the negative side, we had reservations for June 8-14, but couldn't stand the place and had to leave after only one night! We immediately called the office when we discovered the suite was dirty, only to be told it was clean. The kitchen floor had an actual blueberry on it, along with other food. There was slimy, wilted lettuce in the refrigerator. When we sat on the toilet, it was loose and water started running in the back tank. It wasn't just a matter of the toilet seat being loose - no, this was the entire toilet was loose. The bed was a whole other story. It was so hard that my husband could barely walk the next day. The living room couch was the most uncomfortable I have ever sat on. There was no coffee table. There was no chair at the desk.

I looked in other rooms windows and saw they had coffee tables and chairs at their desks, so don't understand what happened to our suite.

Upon checkout the following morning, the front desk clerk asked why we were checking out early when we had reservations for the entire week. I explained all the problems and was told she was sorry. We were too. Plus we don't understand why they refused to move us to a room that was cleaned and fully furnished.

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