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Projected Oregon Fall Foliage Map sample
Oregon Fall Foliage Maps
  Sample Peak Colors Update Map
- Fall Color Maps & Report Links below

Oregon Fall Foliage Maps
Virginia discount travels vacation beaches TipTips for Colorful Oregon Fall Foliage Viewing Vacations

  + Links to Normal Fall Peak Color Foliage Maps
Current Color Progress Foliage Viewing Maps 

Recommended Oregon Fall Foliage Colors Map Sites Virginia discount travels vacation beaches Tip
Includes Oregon Fall Color Maps & Peak Color Reports

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Oregon Fall Foliage Color Viewing
 & "Leaf Peeping" Fall Vacations Guide

- Projected "Normal" & Current Oregon
Foliage Color Update Links + OR Peak Fall Colors Maps

This page is a listing of our Recommended links to useful Oregon Fall Foliage viewing Fall Colors Maps for normal and projected Oregon Fall foliage peak color dates.

-- Plus links to a couple Recommended sites which provide current updated Oregon Fall Colors Maps and past Peak Leaf Drop Reports on this years Fall Foliage Peak Color progress -- to help you plan your next colorful Fall Oregon Vacation or scenic Fall road trip in Oregon. 

Most of the Current Peak Foliage Color update map pages are only maintained and updated during the Fall Season, but several have Foliage Map and prior years Peak Foliage Color Report archives available to help you plan your Oregon Fall Foliage Viewing vacation.           

Projected (Normal) Northwest US Fall Colors Maps with Oregon
(+ other US areas available)
Family Friendly Site Logo  

This link goes to a easy to read Weather Channel Map of the Northwest US Normal Projected Fall Peak Color dates with the Interstate Highways overlaid to help you determine the boundries of the Foliage Color areas for the date ranges. The sample map above is a portion of the map on this page. An all US Projected and Current Peak Color Map is also available plus other US areas Via the links UNDER the Map. -- (the links on top go to current weather maps.)

Generally, the Oregon Fall colours first start showing in the higher inland mountain elevations and move down to the lower elevations along the coast and elsewhere by late September to early October

This US Forest Service Web Site has some beautiful 2010 Oregon National Forest lands Autumn Colors
Slideshow Pictures. Their Pacific Northwest Region Fall Colors News Ticker page should start having 2011 Oregon Fall Foliage color reports in late September or Early October.

This Travel Oregon Site has a colorful Oregon Fall Foliage Photos slideshow. They have a September through November Fall Foliage Reports 800 # phone number, and also have a Oregon Fall Foliage Blog with weekly updates during the Fall Foliage Color period.

Weather Channel Northwest US Current Fall Color Map -- This map is not updated until starting in late September or early October. It sometimes loads very slow. Can see other US Current Fall Foliage color maps Via the links UNDER the Map. (the links on top go to various US weather maps.)

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Cheap Oregon Coast - Ocean Views - Dunes - Lighthouses - Fishing + Affordable Oceanfront Resort Rentals

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Oceanfront Oregon Coast Beach Rentals - Reviews - Oceanfront Time Share Oregon Beach Rentals, Oregon Coast Condos, & Oregon Beach Front Rentals - Resorts with direct beach access - Reviews and Tips

Newer Link on a Oregon Coast Maps page Coos Bay Attractions & Lighthouses - Day trip South to Reedsport, Coos Bay, and Bandon, Oregon areas + Seal Rock Viewing area

To: Kids Travel Books, and Games + Kids Songs & CD Sing along Fun

We add Info, Pictures, and Tips often. We are doing our best to ultimately make this site one of your most Interesting, Fun, and "Picture Enhanced" Oregon Coast vacations Info and Tips Sources.

We appreciate your suggestions or comments on our
Gene Seecann Sites Comment Form Page.   

Thanks for checking us out! Bookmark us and come back soon to see what's new in Oregon Fall Foliage Maps & Peak Foliage Color Reports -- or better yet, get one of our RSS feed links above + "Like" us at Affordable Beach Vacations  on Facebook and post on our "Wall" to keep in touch.

Safe Travels. See you somewhere on an Affordable Oregon Vacation!
  Gene Seecann

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Please also send any comments on your favorite Oregon vacation fall colors areas and nearby places of interest in Oregon - Possibilities Include:
Favorite Oregon Fall Color Vacation area attractions and places of interest you found interesting or memorable.

Comments on great Oregon vacation Beach area Timeshare Resort weeks (preferrably ocean front) you may own, have exchanged to, or rented.

Local Points of interest, Attractions, and ocean front dining you have particularly enjoyed would also be of interest to all our "viewers."

Attached photos to go with the comments are always appreciated!!!!!

Send your Oregon Vacation Beaches Attractions and Oregon Fall Foliage Maps Favorites to us on our "Your Top Picks" & Comments Page Thanks!
Please let me know if I can credit you with your full name and town, First name and town, or other preference.

Please come back and check us out as we grow.

Oregon Fall Foliage Maps & Foliage Color Reports - Oregon peak color fall foliage updates + Peak Fall Colors Map & Report Links- (This page) 

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